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Marriage Advice

Marriage used to be a sacred bond that was not supposed to be broken so easily. With changing times, the character of marriage is changing. Can one live peacefully with broken marriages? No. This section tells you about how to enter into a marriage after making sure that it will last and how to improve the marital relationship. We also discuss about what to think before proceeding for divorce. But most important is to marry someone where such questions don’t arise. Please read on…

What Men Should Know About Marriage?

It is said that the first few years of marriage, are the toughest. Marriage is the best training that changes a boy into a complete man. It teaches you so many lessons in life, everyday. Let us discuss about what men should know about marriage. Marriage requires commitment: Marriage is not a game. Marriage is […]

5 Funny Reasons For Men To Get Married

A full time maid, that too without a pay!!! Where on earth would you ever get such a unique and reasonable deal. All that it could ever cost you is a little bit of appreciation from your side and a few gifts here and there. They cannot dump you just like that: Once the deal […]

How To Romance Your Wife?

Every relationship, no matter how strong needs regular nurturing. Without it, a relationship will lose it’s excitement and the romance will eventually dry off. It is your duty to keep making her feel special and loved. Sometimes you have so many things to say, but you just don’t know how to express them. Here’s your […]

10 Things Women Should Know About Marriage

The childhood of little girls are surrounded by various romantic fairy tales that always ends in a ‘and they lived happily ever after…’. Often they grow up thinking that this fairytale world actually exists. The is one big reason why woman actually think that once they get married, their lives would magically change into something […]

Ways To Get Your Spouse To Forgive You For Cheating

Cheating most often destroys a marriage. There are few people who can go back to pre-cheating ways after cheating is caught. The foundation of marriage is trust. Once the sacred trust is broken, it is difficult to mend the relationship. Are there no ways to get forgiveness? Agreed that your spouse must be feeling shattered. […]

How To Find Out If Your Spouse Is Having An Affair?

You always know when something is not quite going right in your marriage. If your spouse is cheating under your nose, and you have a strong hunch about it, run through the following checklist to find see if you observe the same signs in them. If the answer to most questions is yes, you need […]

Should You Marry Your Partner?

Does Your partner have these qualities?

Valentine’s Day And Married Couples

Valentine’s Day – the day of lovers and for lovers. What significance does it have for many married couples? Imagine getting up early, getting ready for….

Satisfaction In Marriage

There are very few marriages, where both the partners are satisfied fully. Go around and make a small survey. The results may look shocking but they are true.

Question Your Marriage

To raise questions about your marriage and relationship and try to find answers is a very helpful exercise. It reveals quite a lot about….