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Valentine’s Day And Married Couples

Valentine’s Day – the day of lovers and for lovers. What significance does it have for many married couples? Imagine getting up early, getting ready for work and rushing off as usual. On the way, when you watch the scenes outside, you realize that it is Valentine’s Day! But you have many other worries of office and home. The worries and the daily grind of life kills the joy. What used to be awaited by you goes away without any celebration. Why? Where is the spirit gone? Has age made any difference? Has life changed for you? Have the priorities shifted? Is it that you have thousand other worries than thinking of celebrating Valentine’s Day?

As we grow, we change. What used to give us joy during the childhood, stops doing when we are young. How many teens make sand castles? And as we grow older, the objects of joy during the youth become equally insignificant. Why?

A thing of joy is forever. Why cannot an old person enjoy making sand castles, run behind a butterfly to catch it, or try and win hearts as he/she used to do in young age? Why do we lose our life and become dead bodies going around doing routine work? Why cannot we bring back the days of childhood and youth and be happy and feel elated at all the times? All this applies to a married couple. After few years, and in some cases, few months, the romance goes away from life.

Some things are life giving. Love is one such magic. It can give new life and joy to anyone. How to recapture this after marriage? Can it be recaptured? It can be to a certain extent. Because one cannot go back to enjoy the thrill of wooing one’s sweetheart again, as he/she has already been conquered. Let us find out what can be recaptured and how? How about sitting together and watching the moon? How about walking together in rains? How about sharing ice cream from the same cup? How about buying clothes for each other with the same passion? How about feeling bad when alone and feeling extreme joy when together? How about reciting poetries? Make a list of all that you did when you fell in love. Find out what all you have stopped. Redo them with more vigor and bring your love back in life.

A marriage can be a very happy marriage if the partners love each other every moment, if their heartbeats increase when they look at each other. Sounds silly? But this can also be done. Go back to your love and say Happy Valentine’s Day to your spouse with the same passion as you did earlier.

Why should we watch passively and see our love dying? Why should we not make every effort to love with the same romance that we experienced when we met our sweetheart for the first time?

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