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How To Find Out If Your Spouse Is Having An Affair?

You always know when something is not quite going right in your marriage. If your spouse is cheating under your nose, and you have a strong hunch about it, run through the following checklist to find see if you observe the same signs in them. If the answer to most questions is yes, you need to start investigating:

1. A different fragrance: As terribly conventional as this might sound, but a different kind of fragrance from your spouse’s body is the first indicator that he/she have been looking elsewhere.

2. Ask for his/her email password: Ask your spouse for their email password one fine day when they’re not expecting it. If he/she’s is not cheating, they should give it you confidently right away, since a married couple can share everything – but if you see a little bit of hesitation, you should start suspecting.

3. Look into his/her eye: If your spouse tends to make excuses of coming home late or not being able to make it for your dinner date – and doesn’t look into your eyes and say it – its a clue that he or she may be lying. If they are truthful, they’d look into your eyes and say it.

4. See a movie about an extra marital affair: Plan to see a movie that is about an extra marital affair with your spouse. Act as if you just picked up the DVD from the store not knowing what it was about. As the movie progresses, see if your spouse cringes on the scenes depicting the extra marital affairs – and you will instantly find the answers to why your marriage is sinking.

5. Doesn’t answer calls: If your spouse doesn’t answer your call every time saying he/ she is in a meeting and calls you back after 10 mins, consider that to be a potential sign of them cheating on you and trying to cover up.

6. Clearing Internet and chat history: Spouses who are having affairs will always clear the internet histories after a chat session has finished. Or they will immediately switch windows if they sense someone coming over their shoulder.

7. Keeping cell phone on silent: This is the most common sign of your spouse cheating on you. If you observe them keeping their phone on silent all the time, clandestinely replying to messages or even getting calls that he/she doesn’t pick up in front of you, it means that there is something that your spouse is hiding from you. Another reason for your suspicion could be that your spouse’s call history and sms inbox are always empty.

8. Unexplained Expenses: Assuming that most couples today share their credit histories, if you start finding small amounts of unexplained expenses in your spouses’ transaction list, maybe you should give it a double check. Make a note of why extra expenses at coffee shops, restaurants of lounges being drawn up- in which you are not the one being treated!

9. There are no fights: What may actually seem like a very good thing for a relationship, can turn out to be quite the opposite. If you observe that there have been no dramatic upheavals, no emotional outbursts or no sweet nothings between the two of you– just the usual humdrum – it’s not a reason to relax – it’s a reason to get scared. It’s the presence of anger, fights and disagreements that make up the flavour of being together, not the absence of it.

10. Keeping the cars spic and span: If your spouse generally never bothers to keep the car clean and never minds stacks of paper, grocery bills or other miscellany lying around, and these days if he/she has suddenly started to keep everything in the car squeaky clean – then there is a reason for you to be worried. The perfumed air, shampooed upholstery and the new music in the car should make you worried not happy.

All these small signs could help you to detect a cheating partner. It’s always better to get into a confrontational situation from the start rather than to get into a complex emotional web of betrayal, lies and deceit later on

Is my wife having an affair?
This question crosses the minds of husbands from time to time. Take this marriage quiz to somewhat clarify your doubts.

Is my husband having an affair?
This question crosses the minds of wives from time to time. Take this marriage quiz to somewhat clarify your doubts.