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How To Romance Your Wife?

Every relationship, no matter how strong needs regular nurturing. Without it, a relationship will lose it’s excitement and the romance will eventually dry off. It is your duty to keep making her feel special and loved. Sometimes you have so many things to say, but you just don’t know how to express them. Here’s your saving grace. Below are some romantic ideas to make your wife feel your love more.

1. Frame a picture of two of you:

Pictures speak a thousand words. You surely must be having plenty of pictures of the two of you. Get one of them that is very special and frame it like a master piece. You can hang it on the wall near the entrance of your house. You can also have a sweet message like, ‘God’s blessing to me, my beautiful wife’, engraved at the top. It will show her how proud of her you are.

2. A trip around the world:

This is something that everyone wishes to do at some point in life. Fulfill your wife’s dream. Take her on a trip around the world. What can be more romantic than touring the whole world with your loved one? She will always be thankful to you for this one.

3. A Self-made Bouquet:

Bouquets are always special. Prepare a bouquet of flowers yourself for your wife. You can use all her favorite flowers, ribbons, ornamental pieces of cloth and even chocolates to decorate the bouquet. She will certainly admire the efforts you took for her.

4. Diamonds:

They say diamonds are forever, just like your love for her. Express your love for her with diamonds. You can choose from rings, lockets, bracelets, earrings, etc. Diamonds may cost a fortune, but the smile they will bring will surely be priceless.

5. Prepare her a surprise dinner:

Decorate your house as if it were an elegant restaurant. Use perfumed candles all over the place. Set the table specially for her. Use ornamental flowers to decorate the table. Play some soft romantic music. Prepare all her favorite food dishes.

6. Rejuvenate old memories:

Take your wife for a date to the place you first met. It will be very special to her. Tell her that she is still the most beautiful woman for you. The only difference today is that, you love her even more.

7. Propose to your wife again:

Do this in a most creative way possible. Try to make it even more special than the day you asked her to marry you. Tell her how much you love her. She may already be knowing that you do, but love needs constant reminders. A gesture of this sort will not be forgotten soon.

8. A pet kitten:

Get her an adorable house kitten. You can place the kitten in a decorated basket and place it in your room. Then, blindfold her and take her to the place where the kitten is.

9. Give her a foot massage:

After a long and tiring day at work, what can be more relaxing than a foot massage? It is a great way to pamper your wife and make her feel like a princess. It will show her how much you care about her.

10. Dedicate a song for her on the radio:

This will surely make her feel on the top of the
world. Dedicate a romantic song for her on her favorite radio station. You can also ask the radio jockey to pass on a special message to her.

Whoever said romance was only meant for unmarried couples? Rejuvenate the spark of your love life back into your married life by using the above ideas for your wife. Show her that even after so many years, she is still very special to you.

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