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10 Things Women Should Know About Marriage

The childhood of little girls are surrounded by various romantic fairy tales that always ends in a ‘and they lived happily ever after…’. Often they grow up thinking that this fairytale world actually exists. The is one big reason why woman actually think that once they get married, their lives would magically change into something flawless. However, marriage is no bed of roses. There will also be plenty of thorns on the way, and some of them will be more painful that a person can take. Here are 10 things women should know about marriage.

1. Your husband will not always look like superman:
As they say,’beauty is only skin deep’, in marriage it is the inner beauty of a person that matters. For physical beauty may fade away with time, but inner beauty stays with a person till they reach their grave. Doesn’t matter if you have married a Brad Pitt lookalike. Even Brad Pitt gets old at some point in time. Similarly you cannot expect your husband to look like a million bucks all the time. He will also have his ugly days.

2. Living with a man can be tough:
Men may have a tendency to have many messy habits that women shun away from. It is called male sovereignty. When you are dating him, obviously he wouldn’t show that side of his to you. However once you get married, it may come out some day. At first you may think there are only a few until it skyrockets faster than you expected. So be prepared to love him even if his breath smells like that of a dragon in the mornings, and even if he transforms your neat and tidy room into a jungle. And snoring could be a disturbance too.

3. He may tend to take you for granted:
When the two of you had been dating, he always had the fear of losing you. However when you get married to him, you will see this fear becoming lesser and lesser each day until it finally disappears. There may be days when you feel that you are being often taken for granted. However, it is not something you cannot talk and solve, about.

4. Lack of romance:
The level of romance or spark that the two of you shared before marriage won’t always be the same after marriage. You may notice the amount of romance becoming lesser and lesser, until it finally disappears. Of course you can do plenty of things to revive the magic again. But it won’t be that effortless, the way it was before. You may have to work hard on it.

5. Lack of attention:
Even if as your boyfriend, he must have been very considerate about everything you say, when he switches to husband mode this may not always be the case. In heart he may love you just the way he used to and even more, yet he may not feel the need to express it to you all the time. Surprises, flowers, candle-light dinners and dates may get more and more less.

6. He will get attracted to other women:
Now this is the most painful of all. But hard as it seem, it’s true. Plain attraction is normal and will happen to you as well. However if he really loves you, his attraction will end at that itself and he will never love anybody else.

7. Birthdays and Anniversaries are often forgotten:
As years pass by, you may notice birthdays and anniversaries are seldom remembered. However this does not mean that he loves you any less. It is just that unlike women, men find it difficult to remember birthdays and anniversaries. It is in their DNA. So no matter what you do or how much you fight with them, it just won’t work unless they use some kind of external reminder.

8. Looking after children is not easy:
Children are not only the cute and cuddly babies that we see in movies. When they cry they can wake the whole neighborhood up with the noise. It is definitely not easy.  Men may not be as helpful as required. You may have to live with it.

9. He will begin to love you more deeply:
The reason for this is, before your marriage he only loved you for what all he had seen about you. However after marriage he will get to know you better than ever before. He will develop a special bond with you that he will not be able to develop with anyone else. And as time passes, he will only keep loving you more and more.

10. One of the greatest adventures you have ever had:
Marriage will be this roller coaster ride with several and unexpected ups and downs. You will learn most of your life’s lessons here. It will teach you something that no amount of training or lectures can. You will have to make tons of sacrifices and adjustments when you are living with a person. You may find yourself getting more frustrated and angry, than before. Fights may also increase. However at the end of the day, it will be the most wonderful part of your life’s journey.

The first few years are the toughest. The main reason being, you don’t really know a person until you practically share your entire life living with him under one roof. Adjustment is the key to a successful and happy marriage. As years pass by, you will notice your bond becoming closer and you slowly starting to love them, plus their bad habits.

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