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5 Funny Reasons For Men To Get Married

A full time maid, that too without a pay!!!
Where on earth would you ever get such a unique and reasonable deal. All that it could ever cost you is a little bit of appreciation from your side and a few gifts here and there.

They cannot dump you just like that:

Once the deal is signed, they are stuck to you for the better or for the worst. Dumping you is tough now, it is no more an easy task. Divorce is a lengthy process. And is not for the faint hearted. It requires lot of strength and endurance level. Not everyone has the guts to take up such a big step.

You benefit, even if they divorce you:

You get paid even if they are bold enough to dump you. Divorces involve compensation to be paid to the person who is being divorced, if your spouse cannot come up with a really valid reason. I mean, isn’t that really cool? You get rid of one lousy relationship and even get the money for it.

For once you want all the attention to you:

Weddings are very special. It is a day when you and your spouse get to be the center of attention at least for a day. So if you are the ones who want to get heard or are begging for that spotlight to be pointing in your direction, here’s your grand entrance to fame.

Lots of gifts:

Wedding means lots and lots of presents. This is one great reason to get married. So, if you are super eager to receive presents and your birthday gifts are not enough, marriage is the ultimate way to satisfy your desperation.

Will marriage make you happier?
Marriage is no bed of roses. For some people, it changes their life and makes it worth looking forward to. While for others it is exactly the opposite. Whats the case with you?

Do you have a fear of marriage?
There are some people for dream about their Big day, right from the time they step into the world. While there are others who dread that day. Which category do you fall into? Check for yourself.