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Dating is fun. Dating gives you an opportunity to select your life-partner. It also needs lot of skills to succeed. Small things matter in dating, and once you learn that art, you can proceed cheerfully to date and get a partner with whom you will be happy. There are pitfalls on the way, if you miss important pointers. In this section, you will find more about how to date successfully, and how to avoid common mistakes to win your dream date.

Is It Time To Break Up With Your Girlfriend?

Love is the most beautiful relationship in the world. But sometimes, we choose the wrong person to fall in love with. Or sometimes we take decisions in confusion and mistake infatuation for love. No matter what the situation is, sometimes we are not meant to be with some people. In such a case no matter […]

5 Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Asking a girl out is not a something to get goosebumps for. However, it is not something to go all ho hum about it. It is important that the right message reaches her. The idea is, to maintain a balance between showing her that you like her and at the same time not coming across […]

10 Romantic Ways To Ask A Guy Out

Whoever said it is always the guy’s job to ask a girl out? Today times are changing and so are women. If he is taking forever to ask you out and impatience is getting the better of you, it is your chance to wear the pants. Here are 10 romantic ways to ask a guy […]

10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

If you can’t keep your girlfriend happy, then there is no reason why she would want to be with you. No it is not hard. Generally girls like simple things. Here are 10 ways to make your girlfriend happy. 1. Compliment and appreciate her: Girls often get insecure. Hence, never forget to shower her with […]

10 Tips To Understand A Guy’s Body Language

Boys tend to be deceiving creatures and don’t always speak their mind out. Hence, it is often almost impossible to read their minds. However, here is a life saver. There are certain body cues that boys are not able to always hide. They always seem to point in the direction of what their mind actually […]

How To Succeed In Online Dating

Finding the right person online is not easy. Sometimes you may have to meet a dozen of people before you finally like somebody. However, by following certain ideas, one can get quick success in online dating. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you emerge successful and find someone dateworthy in a short […]

How To Create A Good Online Dating Profile

Your online profile is one the important factor in deciding your success and failures in online dating. Lot many things depend on how you create your profile. Your profile is something that describes you and helps others to know you better and connect to you. Thus, if you have a picture perfect profile, you chances […]

How To Be Safe While Dating Online

Most of us want to know about safety in online dating. With millions of online dating users, a lot of questions arise about safety. Here are some tips for you to get a hang of some of the basic safety rules that should be kept in mind while opting for online dating services. 1. Avoid […]

10 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

A relationship is like a little flower. You need to nurture it with care and allow it to blossom to see its beauty. No relationship can survive without joint efforts of both the partners. However, most people get confused on what they should be doing to help the bond between them and their partner grow […]

10 Ways To Show Love

Love and insecurity are two sides of the same coin. The more you love a person, the more is the fear of losing them. No matter how old your relationship is, it is always important to keep reminding yourself and your partner about your endless love for one another and the importance of the relationship […]