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Breakup Advice

No break-up is pleasant. But you cannot stop living after a break-up. At the same time a break-up hurts badly. What are the ways to avoid break-ups? How to improve relationships and how to manage your emotions after a break-up? These are the topics you will see in this section. If your selection of the partner is right, you reduce the chances of a break-up considerably. Read on…

10 Ways to Reduce the Hurt Caused By Breakup

A breakup is one of the most painful times of in your life. This pain is more if we are dumped compared to the pain experienced when we dump someone. For many of us, the pain of breakup is very intense. Here are some ways to avoid pain after the breakup. 1. Avoid your ex […]

10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Divorce Proof

All relationships stand on the basic principles of trust, loyalty and good communication. If you follow these tandems and many more as given below, be rest assured that your marriage will never fall apart. 1. Honesty: Be honest to each other and don’t lie. If you have to pretend then what’s the point of being […]

10 Things That Can Break Your Relationship

The sad truth about most relationships is that they start off on a beautiful romantic note but they tend to end terribly. Only a few can survive the test of time and can keep their relationship devoid of the following ten things that would otherwise spell disaster for a couple. 1. Constant criticism: After the […]

10 Reasons for Breakups

A relationship has to be tended to with extreme care and caution. If not cared for, the relationship would break and would result in the partners leaving each other for good. If you have had a breakup recently and want to analyze what probably went wrong in your relationship, here is a list of ten […]

List of Breakup Songs

In today’s world breakups are a common phenomenon. There is hardy a possibility that you haven’t ever had your heart broken. It is certainly not easy for a broken heart to heal. Here’s where music comes to the rescue. Music is a great way to vent out your anger and emotions. At the end, it […]

Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex

should I stay friends with my ex? It is a very dicey question. The reason being, it totally depends on the kind of situation you are into. The cause of your breakup has a very important role to play when you have to make a choice between staying friends or not staying friends with your […]

Should Infidelity Be Forgiven?

Infidelity or unfaithfulness refers to the act on cheating on one’s partner. It is the condition when one partner feels the need to go outside the relationship in order to make themselves feel better. The relationship is not enough to make them feel good and they don’t have to guts to end it, hence they […]

Tips To Avoid Getting Dumped

Fear of getting dumped is a constant worry of a relationship. You try to do your best to be together and happy but still there are times when that big question arises in your partner’s mind. Is this relation working? Are you seeing those signs in your partner which say loud and clear that its […]

What Haunts After A Break-Up?

A break-up is the worst stress one can have. Other stresses that match or exceed this are loss of business or job, and death.

Return To Dating After A Break-Up

By the time we reach 30s and 40s, many of us break up. After waiting for some months, we think of entering the dating scene again.