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10 Tips To Understand A Guy’s Body Language

Boys tend to be deceiving creatures and don’t always speak their mind out. Hence, it is often almost impossible to read their minds. However, here is a life saver. There are certain body cues that boys are not able to always hide. They always seem to point in the direction of what their mind actually says. Here are different tips on to understand the body language of a guy.

1. Eye contact:
If a guy likes you, you will catch him looking at you when you are looking away. And the moment you look at him, he will either look away or continue to look at you with a dreamy look into his eyes. He may even give you a warm seductive smile at this moment. Also if his pupils dilate when he is looking at you, it means he likes you. If he maintains eye contact while listening to you, it means he is really interesting in listening to what you are saying.

2. His head tilted to the side:
It is a masculine instinct and he often does this unknowingly. If he does this while looking at you, it means that surely he is attracted to you.

3. Smile:
A smile can be of two types, a fake and a genuine one. In order to spot a genuine smile, see if his smile reaches his eyes. If it does, it is a genuine smile. It means he likes you and is happy to see you. A half smile can be very deceiving. Different parts of his face depict a different expression. Studies reveal that a half smile means that he is not being sincere to you and is just trying to flirt with you. Look at his eyes when he smiles at you.

4. Eyebrow arc:
It refers to his eyebrows being raised when he sees you. It shows a sign of attraction and positive surprise. He is obviously pleased to see you.

5. Fidgeting with his ears or hands:
It is a clear sign of nervousness and the sign that he is trying hard to conceal it. It means that he is trying to hide something from you or is lying to you.

6. He delicately takes off a strand of hair off your face:
This is a direct sign of flirting. He is trying to converge towards you. It also shows that he is very protective of you. He really cares about you and the way you feel. Your opinions really matter to him.

7. He offers you his hand while walking:
It means he really cares about you and is trying to support you. There is a great possibility that he is secretly attracted to you.

8. Putting his chest out and gut in:
It means he is trying to impress you with his body. He is obviously very much interested in you and thinks you are attractive, hence he does this in order to seem attractive to you as well.

9. His torso faces your direction:
It shows his undivided attention to you. It means he obviously is very much interested in talking to you and wants to talk to you more.

10.  Clenching fists:
He is obviously angry and is trying hard to control his temper. When you spot this sign, it is better to stay calm and not agitate the angry lion in him.

There are 12 tell tale signs that will help you in understanding the body language of a guy better. If it is not spoken out, you will surely find it here.

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