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How To Create A Good Online Dating Profile

Your online profile is one the important factor in deciding your success and failures in online dating. Lot many things depend on how you create your profile. Your profile is something that describes you and helps others to know you better and connect to you. Thus, if you have a picture perfect profile, you chances of getting the right person increases substantially. Let us try to understand some ways to get create the right profile. The profile has two main aspects – the written details and the photograph. Both of these are described briefly to help you get a good online dating profile.

1. Written details:
Your profile is a brief description of yourself. A typical profile would help others to know more about you. A good profile will describe various facets of your life, and would be short and sweet with a touch of humor. Rather than mentioning that you are funny, applying humor in the profile is a better idea.

Avoid giving out any kind of personal details like home address and home phone number on the profile. Withholding work contact details would also be a good idea. If you would have to mention any contact details at all, provide a personal cellphone number rather than anything else. Do not flood your profile with information about yourself or you may seem to be narcisstic in nature. Certain things are best left for the other people to find out. Modesty is the name of the game and by being modest you would attract a person better. Do not lie. If you lie about yourself, you would be subject to embarrassment when your date finds out. To avoid being termed as fake, be completely genuine about yourself. Avoid any topic pertaining to sex, politics, religion and any other subject that can create controversies.

2. Photograph:
The other important aspect of your profile is the profile picture. The profile picture should not be just a close up of your face, but ideally show you engaged in some activity. However, it should accentuate your face. Like the popular saying ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’, the same is applicable to your profile picture as well. The picture may also be a group photo that accentuates your face. Abstain from posting a photograph with a glass of beer, getting drunk, smoking and so on. Such pictures would scare many prospective dates away from you. Nevertheless, the photo should be descriptive; in short something that the written profile does in words. It should not look as if you had to put in a lot of effort for the photograph as it would ruin the effect. Try putting in a picture shot outdoors than of something you clicked at home.

A perfect profile is regularly edited and updated. Please take the pain of updating your profile once a fortnight for people to get to know you better.

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