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How To Succeed In Online Dating

Finding the right person online is not easy. Sometimes you may have to meet a dozen of people before you finally like somebody. However, by following certain ideas, one can get quick success in online dating. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you emerge successful and find someone dateworthy in a short period.

1. Find the right dating site:
There are a large number of websites that provide online dating. Some of these websites charge a small amount for their services while others do not charge anything for their services. There are also many categories of websites available when it comes to dating. Some of these are entirely on getting two individuals to meet and get to know each other better whereas there are other websites that focus on sex. There are also many websites that help finding the singles of a particular community. Look for reviews of different websites, consult on an online forum and then decide the right website for you to get started on.

2. Make the right profile:
After you get the right website, you have to make a good profile. A profile is something that describes you in totality. It helps other singles judge whether the two of you have anything in common or whether there could be some chemistry between the two of you. Modesty is a quality that is respected by one and all. Let a prospective date find out facts about you rather than letting off your personal achievements at the first opportunity otherwise you might come across as a braggart. A profile requires that you give enough information about yourself, don’t flood your profile with information that is not required.

3. Get the right photograph:
Your profile photograph should show your personality positively and should be attractive. Do not upload a close-up of your face. A good idea would be a photo that shows you doing something that you like. It would not focus on your face but focusses on your overall looks. For example, if you love gardening, the ideal photo would show you working in a garden. The right photograph would enhance the positive sides of your looks and your personality. To make your profile appealing, you can also upload a group photo of your family or playing a game and so on. A good photographer can help you select the right photograph. Do not add finishing touches to your photographs with photoshop. The maximum that you may do is cropping your image. Apart from this stay away from Photoshop as everyone can spot a touched up image these days.

4. Have a positive attitude:
Be an optimist, if you are looking for success in online dating. You may not get success at the initial attempts and may be rejected at times, but instead of being dejected, approach the circumstances with a positive attitude. Patience is the name of the game and you must give yourself time. If you wish to find the person of your dreams, please keep your cool and do not expect the best of everything in a jiffy.

5. Don’t take everyone seriously:
Rejections are a part of life and online dating is no exception. The rule here is to keep your calm and not to take everyone and everything seriously. Please bear in mind that internet dating websites are a platform for singles to meet other singles for a relationship and registering yourself in these websites would not guarantee you of a relationship. You need to be patient and work your way out through people before you get someone who was worth the wait. However, if you start taking everyone seriously, you would just end up hurting yourself.

6. Keep interactions light:
Interactions with people for the initial period should be light. Your conversation and way of talking should be such that it has a magnetic effect on the person you talk to and draws him/her back to get to know more about you. Keep your opinions about controversial topics to yourself. Your motive should be to get to know one another and so ask questions related to what is mentioned in his/her profile. Please be a good listener and give the other person a chance to speak. It would show that you are interested in them and want to get to know them better before taking any decision.

7. Don’t speak about your past:
Agreed that you need to be honest about yourself to a prospective new person in your life but some facts are better kept in the dark till the right time comes. This is very much applicable to any topic related to your past. It is a known fact that both you and the person you are talking to would have a past and it is best not to discuss your past till the other person asks or till your relationship is strong enough for you to trust one another with important details about your life. Similarly do not be prod and be inquisitive about the past of a prospective date till the right time comes. This would also ensure that you do not share important aspects of your life with each and every one you come across.

8. Do not mention sex or sexual preferences:
Keep the topic of sex out of your conversations. Being too open about sex would lead to the prospective date getting wrong ideas about you. You may be pretty conservative in your thoughts but one such mistake would completely alter the way you are being seen. To prevent any confusion, it is best to avoid talking about sex.

9. Giving out personal information should be avoided:
Never ever give out any personal information at any given point of time. Your home and work address, and your home and work phone numbers should not be given out for your own safety. There are many wrong type of people who target simple folks on dating websites. Such individuals can resort to stalking and harass you in your personal and professional life. It is essential that you withhold your contact information.

10. Arrange to meet:
Without meeting offline, it is difficult to know anybody better. Therefore the first date is important to get to know one another. However, there are certain precautions to be taken when you go for the first date. You should always have someone constantly updated on where you are. It could be a good friend, a trusted colleague or your siblings. Someone should be aware of your current location just in case. Avoid having a first date at anyone’s home and opt for meeting at public places. Cellphones should be on. Judge a person carefully during this date as it would decide whether you would want to meet him/her more often in the future and whether you share something special or not.

Whether or not you succeed depends on the effort you put in and the way you deal with a prospective date. Results would not always go the way you want them to and you must remain patient at all times. Remember that while we look for our special someone, we should not pretend to be someone else but just be ourselves but at our very best. This would ensure that our efforts do not go waste and that we get the person we like.

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