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10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

If you can’t keep your girlfriend happy, then there is no reason why she would want to be with you. No it is not hard. Generally girls like simple things. Here are 10 ways to make your girlfriend happy.

1. Compliment and appreciate her:
Girls often get insecure. Hence, never forget to shower her with sweet compliments. Appreciate her for the little things she does for you. Don’t ever let her feel that you are taking her for granted.

2. Make her laugh:
Humor solves all problems. A guy with a good sense of humor is an instant turn on. Girls love boys who can make them laugh even when they are gloomy. A good laughter just adds to the chemistry in the relationship.

3. Treat her like a princess:
Be it planning surprises for her or getting her something she really wants, make sure you do everything possible to make her feel special. Shower her with lots of attention and make her feel like a princess.

4. Be honest and faithful:
There is certainly no excuse for infidelity. No matter what, always be honest with your girlfriend. Always remember, trust once broken is very difficult to be gained back. Don’t ever cheat on her. Give her your honest and true advice when she asks for it.

5. Trust her:
Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. Always show your girlfriend that you trust her. Believe what she says. Even if you don’t, show her that you do. Always motivate her to achieve her dreams. Never put her down. Share personal things with her. Show her that you trust her and she is not just anyone to you.

6. Treat her with respect:
A guy who truly loves his girlfriend will always respect her. He will never belittle her in front of others. Acknowledge her as a part of your life. Talk to her and talk about her with respect. Don’t just hear, listen to her. Pay attention to what she is saying and look at her when she’s talking to you. Even if the two of you are having a fight, maintain your cool and talk calmly as far as possible. No abusing or calling names.

7. Be good to the important people in her life:
This goes to both her family and her friends. If you can manage to get her friends to love you, consider your work half done. After this, if you can manage to win the heart of her parents, consider the work completely done.

8. Tell her you love her often:
Look into her eyes and tell her that you love her. Mean it from the bottom of your heart. Don’t just say it as a formality, girls can smell a liar instantly.

9. Give her some space:
Yes it is important to show her what she means to you. Yet, it is also equally important to maintain a balance and give her some amount of space as well. Let her hang out with her friends sometimes. Give her a chance to miss you as well.

10. Always stand up for her:
If someone says something that makes her feel bad, be her hero and stand up for her. Only then will she be able to feel secure around you.

The truth is all that girls really want is someone who keeps reminding them how much they love them. If you really love her, we’re sure you would ready to do that much for her.

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