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Is It Time To Break Up With Your Girlfriend?

Love is the most beautiful relationship in the world. But sometimes, we choose the wrong person to fall in love with. Or sometimes we take decisions in confusion and mistake infatuation for love. No matter what the situation is, sometimes we are not meant to be with some people. In such a case no matter what we do, it just doesn’t work. Sometimes no matter how sad it may seem, it is better to end things. Here are some signs that indicate that it is time to break up with your girlfriend:

1. She a promiscuous girl:

If your girlfriend has a roving eye for all those around you, in no certain terms will you ever be able to have a secured future with her. Trust is vital in a relationship and if she’s not even worth your trust, she’s unquestionably not worth being your girlfriend.

2. You have fallen out of love for her:

All relationships go through a rough phase when they lose their spark. However if no matter what you try you can’t believe that you love her no more, then maybe you don’t. One more sign would be if you fall in love with somebody else. In such a situation it is better to break up otherwise both of you will suffer.

3. She keeps dominating you:

This is the case when your girlfriend keeps ruling your entire life. She doesn’t give you any space and treats you like a child. You should live your life the way you want to. If even after speaking to her, she doesn’t seem to care, it is probably better to end the relationship.

4. She doesn’t respect you:

Respect is very important in a relationship. And both you and should your girlfriend, should give respect to each other. If you feel that she does not treat you with respect, bring it to her notice and tell her that no matter what the case is, she has absolutely no right to treat you like dirt and make you feel bad about yourself. If she continues with the same behaviour, please get away from her.

5. She has some dangerous addiction:

This is the case if your girlfriend has some kind of addiction that can ruin her life. This may be alcohol, drugs, etc. Being with such a female, can actually put you into depression. Sometimes it is even possible that she gets you addicted as well. Hence, it is better to break your relationship with her.

6. She is after your money:

You cannot possibly be with a girl who is with you only for your money. You feel that she expects you to spend for her all the time and asks you too many questions about your financial status.These are signs of a gold-digger.

7. Efforts are one-sided:

for a healthy relationship, both the partners need to make effort. If you are the only one who is making all the efforts to make the relationship worth, while she is just not bothered, it is time to speak to her. If she still doesn’t try, maybe it is wiser to end things.

8. She keeps lying to you:

Small white lies can be forgiven. However lying should not reach an extent, where it becomes hard to trust the other person.

9. You are not over your ex:

You cannot be in love with more than one person at a time. You have to make a choice. Take sometime off and arrive at a decision. If you conclude that you are not over your ex, then dragging this relationship will do no good to anyone.

10. Your relationship is a compromise:

If you are with her for any reason other than love, then you need not think anymore. Save yourself the trouble and end the relationship right away.

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