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10 Romantic Ways To Ask A Guy Out

Whoever said it is always the guy’s job to ask a girl out? Today times are changing and so are women. If he is taking forever to ask you out and impatience is getting the better of you, it is your chance to wear the pants. Here are 10 romantic ways to ask a guy out:

1. Bake him a cake:
You can take the help of your friends or bake it all by yourself. Get something like,’Be my date?’ written on the top of the cake.

2. Sing him a song:
If you are a great singer, this is one great opportunity. Even if you are not a good singer, some amount of practice must help you. Sing a romantic song to him asking him out. Examples of such songs are I want to be your girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, I’m a slave for you by Britney Spears, I’ll be there for you by Rembrandt, Crazy in Love by Beyonce, etc.

3. Photograph:
If you can manage to get a picture of the two of you together, then this is one great idea. Get the photo developed and get it framed. You can get something like,’We look cute together, don’t we?’ engraved on the photo frame.

4. Record your voice:
It is not also easy to speak face-to-face. You can get your voice recorded saying really sweet things for him. Later you can gift him a CD of your recorded voice. It will be one pleasant surprise that he will never forget.

5.  Write a poem:
You don’t necessarily have to be Shakespeare to write him a poem. However some amount of good poetic skills will surely be helpful. If not, you don’t need to sulk. You can always take a little help from the Internet or friends. Write him a poem that is personalized specially for him. He will be impressed.

6. Send him a love letter:
Go old fashioned by writing him a love letter, about the feelings you have for him. Enclose it in an envelope with something sweet written like,’Sealed with a Kiss’.

7. Handmade Greeting card:
Roll up your sleeves and get your creative side out. Prepare a greeting card for him, confessing your feelings. Also team it up with some cute wordings.

8. Flowers:
Express your love with flowers. Send him a bouquet of wild flowers along with a note carrying your message.

9. Fortune Cookie:
Make arrangements for your message to be placed inside his fortune cookie. When you serve all your friend fortune cookies, make sure he gets the one that is meant for him.

10. Confront him:
This is the most easiest and straightforward way to ask a guy out. Gather your guts, walk up to him and ask him out. Obviously you can’t be so ho-hum about it, so think of something really witty and flirty to say to him. Avoid beating around the bush. It will just show that you are nervous, which is not good. However blushing is fine. Apparently guys find girls who blush, more attractive.

Similarly there are plenty ways to ask a guy out. In fact studies reveal that most guys find girls who make the first move, irresistibly charming. So best of luck to you.

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