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10 Ways to Reduce the Hurt Caused By Breakup

A breakup is one of the most painful times of in your life. This pain is more if we are dumped compared to the pain experienced when we dump someone. For many of us, the pain of breakup is very intense. Here are some ways to avoid pain after the breakup.

1. Avoid your ex completely:
The most important thing to keep in mind right after the breakup is that spending time with your ex would constantly remind you of all the good times of your relationship and hurt you even more. If you call, email, text or try to meet your ex constantly, you will be termed as a stalker and lose even the remotest of the chances that the two of you have of being together once again. The best possible way is to completely steer clear of your ex and try and avoid communication among the two of you.

2. Allow yourself to feel pain:
The first result of a breakup is intense pain. If you are suffering a breakup, don’t avoid the pain, but to realise that the pain is good for you. It is natural to feel pain when you lose someone who had a lot of importance in your life. When you feel pain, it is almost like a sign saying that you are on the process of healing. There is no need to panic in such a situation. The best advice to overcome the pain would be to give in to it and let it have a positive impact in your life. The pain post breakup can be a source of inspiration for you to do something better, that you have always wanted yourself to do.

3. Keep yourself busy:
The best way to avoid post breakup blues and thoughts about your ex is to keep yourself busy all the time. The mind will not think if you do not give it time to wander. Keep yourself constantly involved in different types of activities. Pick up those activities that you love doing. This will remove your focus from the breakup to the activities you love. Activities will not only freshen up your mind and relieve you of the pain but they will also help in causing a diversion for your mind and would keep you away from thinking or even trying to keep yourself from contacting your ex.

4. Speak about your feelings only to a close friend:
It is a bad idea to talk about your breakup to each and every friend of yours as they will eventually start avoiding you, thinking that you have nothing to talk except the breakup. On the other hand it would be a wise decision to pick up one friend who you think will understand your thoughts and your feelings and will listen patiently to all that is on your mind. Remember that your close friends can be your greatest support system when it comes to breakup and they would honestly give you the best advice. Use this support system to the fullest and talk to your best friend when you feel post breakup blues.

5. Pen down your thoughts:
Maintaining a journal post breakup is a good idea. Writing is one of the good ideas to vent out all the hidden pain, frustration and anger that the breakup brings with it. Maintaining a journal would release lot of hidden pain from your heart and head. After you recover from the breakup, it would also be an insight as to how much you have evolved as a person. There is no substitute for writing when it comes to getting out one’s feeling as you can keep editing your writing about your hurt.

6. Meditation:
Meditation is an old technique to relax a tense mind. Closing our eyes and forcibly extracting each and every thought from our mind is the essence of meditation. These thoughts would be very difficult to ignore but we need to give ourselves the time to clear the clutter in our mind. Only then will there be any scope to sort out ourselves and move ahead in life for the better.

7. Take care of your family:
Your family is one of the biggest support system that you may have in your life. They would stand by you through thick and thin and would try their best to help you cope with the post breakup pain. Keeping yourself constantly involved with your family would not just keep you busy but would also ensure that you have people to stand by you when you have those gut wrenching feelings of grief and that you give them quality time and bond with them. Your family understands your needs more than anyone else.

8. Throw away all memories:
One of the ways to try and forget your ex is by throwing away each and every of those things that you may feel is reminding you of him/her. It is a difficult thing to do but it would be a start to forget all those times the two of you spent together. If you had been given a ring during the relationship, it is always a good idea to give the ring back than keep it yourself to dig up the scars of the broken relationship. Giving expensive gifts back after the breakup would also show to your ex how respectful you are of your own self and that you did not remain in the relationship for the expensive gifts that you received.

9. Focus on your career:
Try and make your career the most important aspect in your life. There is no bigger a high than being successful in life. Efforts to build your career would keep you busy for something that you will reap rewards in the future. It would also show everyone that you are not a coward as you did not cower down after a sour relationship. Many people hide themselves under the sheets and lose out on their life and eventually lose out on their respect too. However, the ones who emerge successful after a broken relationship are the ones who are respected the most.

10. Give yourself time:
It is essential to give yourself enough time. You must realize that nobody recovers from the grief of a breakup in a jiffy. It takes days and months before seeing any signs of recovery. It all depends on the type of person you are and how you can handle negativity in your life. Do not try to go in another relationship right after a breakup. It is important to think clearly and give yourself enough time before getting back into the dating scene after a breakup.

These are some important aspects that one has to keep in mind after a breakup.The main task is to keep one’s pride and self-respect intact without letting anyone take advantage of you.

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