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Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex

should I stay friends with my ex? It is a very dicey question. The reason being, it totally depends on the kind of situation you are into. The cause of your breakup has a very important role to play when you have to make a choice between staying friends or not staying friends with your ex. And here we are not talking about, ‘When-I-see-you-on-the-road-I-smile’ kind of friendship. We are talking about ‘being there for each other’ kind of friendship.

Sometimes when you have this really horrifying breakup that totally shatters your world, it is not always possible to stay back friends with them. However, as they say ‘Time heals away all wounds’, as time passes you will learn to forgive them. Although staying friends may still be hard. But if the reason for the breakup was silly or just a difference in opinion, then why not? They were a very important part of your life once upon a time. So why just the fact that you don’t love each other any more, poses as a barrier to your friendship. Things obviously will not be exactly the same. Nor will it be easy. However after a considerable amount of time and if both of you are mature enough to be willing, it is possible.

Surely there are a few disadvantages. If you stay friends with them, there are plenty of chances of you getting attracted to them again. Sometimes they may get attracted to you and when you don’t encourage their advances, they may begin to feel that you instigated them. This may result is enmity. However, staying friends with your ex have their own advantages as well. Since they have been involved with you romantically, they can give you the best love advice. Staying friends with your ex will also take your mind off, any grudge for them you would have had in your mind. And the best of all, you don’t lose a friend.

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