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Tips To Avoid Getting Dumped

Fear of getting dumped is a constant worry of a relationship. You try to do your best to be together and happy but still there are times when that big question arises in your partner’s mind. Is this relation working? Are you seeing those signs in your partner which say loud and clear that its time to breakup? Well, you still have a chance to save it. Why not try some of these tips which can help you bring back that love in the relation.

Talk, talk and talk:
Wise men have said that to solve any fight, misunderstanding or difference, have a nice long talk. So if you are feeling that your love is going to dump you, just talk with him/her. Try to find out the reason behind his/her intentions. If the problem is with you then convince your partner that you will change yourself.

Give your partner some space:
Too much of being with each other could be a reason that your partner is planning to break up. Try giving him/her more space. Let him/her go out and spend time with his/her friends. Staying away from you for a while might make your partner realize his/her love for you and want to be with you.

Plan a holiday:
Plan a vacation with your partner to sort out the trouble in your paradise. Away from the routine life and daily chores might help both of you come closer and bridge your differences. You’ll get to talk to each other and spend some quality time together without thinking about the regular stuff.

Stop being over possessive:
Are you over possessive and want to keep a constant check on your partner? Stop being one now if you want to save your relationship. Your girlfriend or boyfriend can have other guys or girls in their life as friends. Don’t get fiery eyed every time you see them together. Its a big turn off.

Show your partner that you love him/her:
If you fear that your partner will call off the relationship then show him/her in a special way that you love him/her. Go out on dinner dates. Spend time doing things that you liked doing together in the beginning of your relationship. It might just reignite his/her feelings for you.

Take care of yourself:
It happens in a lot of relationships that people let go off themselves and their bodies. Try to go back being the same person whom your partner fell in love with. Groom yourself, lose those extra pounds and start looking good again to hold your partner’s interest in you.

These tips will be really helpful and can save you from a bitter heartbreak.

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