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10 Things That Can Break Your Relationship

The sad truth about most relationships is that they start off on a beautiful romantic note but they tend to end terribly. Only a few can survive the test of time and can keep their relationship devoid of the following ten things that would otherwise spell disaster for a couple.

1. Constant criticism:
After the romantic mush is over in the first few months of the relationship, many couples typically start showing their true colors. They can’t adjust with each other, start needing their own space and don’t like each other’s friends. All this leads to constant criticism for each other, eventually leading to a break up.

2. Lying and breaking trust:
A small white lie or a big deliberate lie, whatever the scale, one lie has the power to shatter your relationship. You may have been unlucky and never meant to lie on purpose, but once your partner’s trust in you is broken, it is very difficult to bring it back.

3.  Cheating:
Everyone interprets the word cheating in a different way. For some, flirting with colleagues may be called cheating and for some going out with a workmate for a coffee without telling them can also mean cheating. Understand how sensitive your partner is about this issue and then act accordingly.

4.  Snooping:
For whatever reason if you even have any doubts or suspicion on your partner, don’t become a snoop dog and watch them on the sly. If they find out, it could spell disaster for you. Confront them with your feelings about how they have been acting strange lately, but don’t put a sleuth on them.

5.  Obsessive jealousy:
Just like some red wine is good for the heart as some doctors say, some amount of possessiveness and jealousy is good too. But there is a fine thread between healthy possessiveness and obsession. If you find yourself constantly questioning your partner about where they have been, who they have gone out with and some such questions, you will see that your partner will slowly drift away from you.

6.  References to past relationships:
This is one thing that you should seriously steer clear of when you are in a relationship. When people enter new relationships, they look forward to forget the bitterness of their previous relationships. If you keep referring to your partners’ previous beaus in a sarcastic way, this will only hurt them and take both of you towards the path of a breakup.

7.  Communication barriers:
The most critical piece in a relationship is communication. All aspects of trust, jealously, respect and personal space start and end with good communication. Even if there is a slightest thing bothering you, it is better to confront or share it with your partner rather than bottling it up and letting it fester inside your heart. Most perfectly workable relationships have failed due to lack of good communication.

8. Taking things for granted:
When romances are blooming, couples try and remember every small anniversary date and bring each other gifts on the oddest of occasions. But this withers away as time passes because they start taking each other for granted. This leads to complete disinterest and disintegration in the long term – a perfect recipe for a breakup.

9. Getting into a dull routine:
A routine is like a double-edged sword. It can be an advantage as it brings a certain amount of security in your life. But many relationships can get into a lull and dullness.

10. Sexual dissatisfaction:
Once a relationship crosses the two year mark, everything starts becoming stale – the chocolates, the dinner dates, the romance and even the sexual life. Unless you find new ways of bringing the spice back into your relationship and rejuvenating the romance, this will eventually lead to problems and arguments.

If you look closely, most problems that lead a relationship into a breakup, are inter related. If you are successful in solving one problem, watch how other problems automatically disappear.

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