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List of Breakup Songs

In today’s world breakups are a common phenomenon. There is hardy a possibility that you haven’t ever had your heart broken. It is certainly not easy for a broken heart to heal. Here’s where music comes to the rescue. Music is a great way to vent out your anger and emotions. At the end, it is sure to make you feel much better. Below are a list of breakup songs to listen to after a breakup:

List of Breakup Songs For Girls:

Beautiful Liar:
This is a song by Beyonce and Shakira. The rhythm of the song is enough to get to groove to it. It defines how even the most goodlooking man can be so deceptive.

If I were a boy:
This is another Beyonce number. The words are such that any girl could actually relate to. Don’t miss this one!

My Happy Ending:
This song is a pop number which really meaningful lyrics by Avril Lavigne. It is a perfect number to listen to after a breakup.

So Yesterday:
This song is by Hillary Duff. As opposed to other songs this one has a very nice message and motivation to get over your breakup. It tells you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on.

Since U Been Gone:
Sung by Kelly Clarkson, this song is a great breakup song to listen to by a broken heart.

You Are So Vain:
How can the list be complete without this addition? Turn your loudspeakers on and join Carly Simon as she takes you on a tour to another world.

List of Breakup Songs For Boys:

I will Survive:
This is a popular breakup number by the Cake. Post breakup period is the time to be strong. Don’t sit inside your room and sulk. Make a promise to yourself that you will survive and get post this huddle.

Cry me a river:
This is a Justin Timberlake number. The best part of this song is its sardonic nature. Yet, it is very meaningful and gives you a clearer perception to think about.

What goes around comes around:
This is a song for all boys whose heart has been crushed by a mean girl. Join Justin Timberlake as he sings out the story of your heart and the future of your ex.

Good Riddance:
This is a Green Day number and is a brilliant song for a broken heart. During the few minutes of this song, Green Day teaches you how to make the most of your life by not letting a breakup ruin it. It is a very relaxed and mellow number to pick from.

I Won’t Cry:
The title says it all, don’t let your broken relationship take a toll on your happiness. This is a rock beat that spells out that you are strong and better off without your girlfriend. This song is for you, boys!

No Woman, No Cry:
This is a Bob Marley number. It is like an anti-woman number. It sends off the straightforward indications stating that, ‘If you don’t have a woman in your life, you won’t cry.’

In the end just remember, listening to breakup songs will make you feel better but temporarily. So use them only when absolutely necessarily. Otherwise stick to songs that are totally about friendship and take your mind away from the breakup. Whatever happens avoid love songs for a while.

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