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Dating is fun. Dating gives you an opportunity to select your life-partner. It also needs lot of skills to succeed. Small things matter in dating, and once you learn that art, you can proceed cheerfully to date and get a partner with whom you will be happy. There are pitfalls on the way, if you miss important pointers. In this section, you will find more about how to date successfully, and how to avoid common mistakes to win your dream date.

10 Ways to Have A Happy Relationship

A healthy relationship does not form out of thin air. It requires a lot of patience, effort and most importantly, the desire to be together. If a relationship lacks any of these criteria the chance of that relationship breaking up are high. Here are some ways to have a happy and healthy relationship.
1. Communication:
Communication breaks [...]

10 Unique Ideas To Propose

A proposal is one of the most important memories of someone’s life. No matter how old a marriage is, the memory of the proposal is such that one cherishes and remembers it for entire life. Every minute detail of the proposal is important as it would eventually sum up to the most important question of [...]

10 Things You Should Not Do On A Date

Whether it’s a blind date, first date or whether you are dating for a long time, there are certain protocols about dating that you must adhere to. Glance through the following list to know the blunders you can avoid whilst dating:
1. Don’t talk about ex-beau’s:
This is the first protocol you should follow and not talk [...]

10 Things You Should Do To Enhance The Romance.

Most relationships face a certain lack of freshness after a few years. This happens because couples get into a routine and they forget to give their relationship the required attention. Romantic weekend getaways are replaced by pending office assignments and sweet nothings are replaced by TV sitcoms. If this sounds like you, the list below [...]

10 Things To Make Sure That Your Date Is Compatible With You

Ten things to make sure that your date is compatible with you:
If you’re going on a date, please make sure that you strike the right conversation which is not only friendly but also allows you to understand your date better. To know whether he or she is compatible to you or not, is a critical [...]

11 Romantic Ways to Propose

The way you propose makes a lot of difference in respect to the answer you receive. Proposals are the most cherished part of a relationship and they should be something that makes your partner feel special every time they remember it. It is important to consider the kind of person he/she is, before choosing the [...]

How Do I Know If I’m Ready For Commitment?

Commitment refers to a promise of loyalty and a strong bond to a person. Commitment is surely important in a relationship. But that surely does not mean, that you should commit yourself to any and every relationship you get into.
The most important factor is, how much you really know them. You certainly cannot commit yourself [...]

Dating Etiquette For Men

Dating at any era had, has and will have just one prime objective – companionship. We may say that the dating scenario has evolved  over the past few decades, and  there has been a significant change in the many aspects of dating. At one time dating or courtships were arranged by the parents, under their [...]

How To Plan An Exciting First Date For Him?

You have managed to ask him out for a date and you want to make it the most unforgettable day of his life. However, you want to do something that you would both enjoy and have pleasant memories of it when it gets over. Girls are far ahead of guys in terms of romance and [...]

Where Should You Go On Your First Date?

Where Should You Go On Your First Date? Don’t you find the question often coming to your mind before you go on a date with someone for the first time? Always choose a public place for the first date so that both of you are comfortable enough. Go to a nice restaurant or go to [...]

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