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How To Plan An Exciting First Date For Him?

You have managed to ask him out for a date and you want to make it the most unforgettable day of his life. However, you want to do something that you would both enjoy and have pleasant memories of it when it gets over. Girls are far ahead of guys in terms of romance and they want absolutely everything to be picture perfect when they are planning a date for their Mr. Right. Here are five tips that might help you to plan him an ideal date.

A coffee shop is an ideal and most preferred place for a first date in recent times. In case you’re broke, it does not rip your pockets up like an expensive restaurant does and the atmosphere is perfect for the light conversations that are the very essentials of a first date. A coffee shop is a place where you won’t be disturbed unless your friends are dropping in!

A concert or a performance by a band or an artist would be an award winning idea as you would have the music you could enjoy and it gives you so much to talk about later. However, it would be a good idea to choose a genre you both like or else one person would certainly be about to have a lousy evening.

Guys simply love driving and nothing is more romantic than a long drive. You could request your date to drive both of you to a small town which is away by an hour or two from where you reside. On reaching, you could probably explore the town together and have lunch and go on sightseeing till you have to leave.

Parks may sound to be cheesy but on a clear evening when the weather is just right with a slight breeze, it can be the perfect destination for your first date. A park would mean both of you would be alone with nothing to disturb you and thus, plenty of scope for the conversation to keep going till you want it to. You can go a step ahead and arrange a little picnic with picnic basket goodies that you’ve made yourself.

Last but not the least, for those blessed people who live close to the sea, the best spot for a date would be the beach. It is almost every girl’s fantasy to take a walk on the beach on a moonlit night holding hands with their date. It would not only keep the conversation going between the two of you but the whole atmosphere would be extremely romantic.

Planning a date is rather easy but planning the perfect date is a task indeed. It would pay to think on what type of person your date is and what his likes and dislikes are before planning. Making it special for him would mean giving importance to his liking. Though, the above mentioned places may seem traditional, adding your own individual taste and choices in the planning would indeed leave a positive impact on him.

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