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10 Things You Should Not Do On A Date

Whether it’s a blind date, first date or whether you are dating for a long time, there are certain protocols about dating that you must adhere to. Glance through the following list to know the blunders you can avoid whilst dating:

1. Don’t talk about ex-beau’s:
This is the first protocol you should follow and not talk about ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends. The fundamental mistake most people make is to get into personal topics like this and upset the opposite person. Strictly try to avoid this.

2. Don’t talk about physical relations:
Without knowing the comfort level of the person you are dating, don’t talk about topics related to physical relationship. This is a delicate and sensitive territory and you might be labelled as being insensitive if you unknowingly tread upon these topics very early.

3. Don’t keep talking about yourself:
This applies more to the men. Many men don’t intend to be selfish on a date but they end up constantly talking about themselves, their achievements and their lives. This can serve as a complete turn off for a woman. Listening is an important attribute of dating. You can learn a lot about a person just by listening. Take your date as an opportunity to do so.

4. Don’t go without a background check:
You should check the background of the person before you go on a date with with him/her, so that you don’t get stuck in an embarrassing conversation. For instance, check some facts regarding his/her family, ex beaus, work life and so on. A place to do some snooping is Facebook or best would be to talk to a common friend.

5. Don’t use swear words:
You may start getting chatty and at ease with your date, but that doesn’t mean you become so comfortable that you start casually throwing abuses in your conversation. Make sure that you know the comfort level of the opposite person and only then get into your comfort mode.

6. Don’t show up shabby:
You may not be expected to dress up like a million dollars, but keeping a smart dress code always works. Your date will definitely not appreciate you sporting a “just-out-of-the-bed” look. Also, keep in mind that if it is your first date, you will be judged by the first impression you make, which makes your dressing all the more crucial.

7. Don’t carry super expensive gifts:
This is a date, not an anniversary dinner. Carrying expensive gifts can embarrass your date or make him/her feel obliged and awkward. Save the expensive tokens for a later time, when your date eventually ends up blossoming into a relationship. For the initial period, a box of chocolates (for the boy) and flowers/chocolates (for the girl) would suffice.

8. Don’t start your sob story:
This is indicated more towards the girls. Even if you start feeling that the conversation between you both is at ease and very comfortable, don’t spill the beans of your sob story until you meet the same guy a few more times. This way you will save yourself of being hurt by not giving the opposite person an opportunity to make fun of you or play with your feelings.

9. Don’t bitch about anyone:
It’s a small world out there and you may never know that your enemy can turn out to be your date’s best friend. Keep a tight control over who you speak ill of.

10. Don’t drink too much alcohol:
Even if you have a huge appetite for alcohol, control the number of drinks you have – because sometimes having eight pints of beer or five glasses of wine can simply send out a wrong signal.

Keep your first date simple, clean, fun and generic. Take the next step out of how you felt about the dating experience. By knowing what not to do on a date, not only will you make a good impression but also have more chances of getting a second date with the same person and let it blossom into a beautiful relationship.

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