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Dating Etiquette For Men

Dating at any era had, has and will have just one prime objective – companionship. We may say that the dating scenario has evolved  over the past few decades, and  there has been a significant change in the many aspects of dating. At one time dating or courtships were arranged by the parents, under their supervision with expectations of a finding a suitable match for their children. However, in stark contrast to the formal affair it was back then, it has become  casual in recent times. But back then or now, the rules of the game haven’t changed much.

Etiquette matter a lot during a date because your partner generally judges you on those little things that may seem insignificant to you.

The first and most important keyword is ‘Respect’. At all times, you should treat your date with dignity and respect. It is only when you respect a person can you expect it back.

A date should never be a last moment one. In the past, girls were taught that a boy who asks her out on a short notice does not respect her. It goes to show how little planning or effort has gone behind the date. It is expected of a boy to ask a girl out when sparks begin to fly, but this rule has changed to a great extent in recent times. However, it is advisable that the follow-up date should be initiated by the boy. If a girl refuses for a date for more than two times, it is a polite sign of no. In such cases you should avoid pushing it further and move on.

If for some unavoidable reason the date has to be cancelled on that particular day, it is much more respectable to postpone it.

Throughout the history of dating, a boy who wouldn’t let his date even touch the purse when the bill arrived was considered a thorough gentleman. But things have changed with the change in times. If the girl offers to pay for the drinks or split the bill, it would be ok to go ahead and allow her to do so. In recent times, girls view themselves as independent and denying them to assert their independence would seem offensive.

During the date small but nevertheless important things should be kept in mind. Your date generally judges how courteous you are.

Your dressing style on your first date may speak volumes about you. Avoid dressing too flamboyantly or too casually. Dressing subtly and appropriately is the trick that should be followed.  Being on time at the venue is very important as it shows your date that you respect her time. However, other little courtesies like holding out doors, walking closest to the road, seeing her to the door after the date should not be forgotten.

The art of complimenting is what, generally, helps people win over their date. Everyone appreciates a compliment, and especially so during a date. But don’t fake it. Let the compliment be genuine and from the heart and then see it work wonders. A compliment tells your date that you’re paying attention and are interested. Keeping conversation light and without strong opinions about any particular thing helps a lot as the flow of the conversation goes on smoothly. This is the right time to inquire politely about likes, dislikes, interests, etc. Remember that it is polite to listen attentively with right eye-contact.

A girl would generally be shy and reserved in the first meeting and it is the body language of the boy that would encourage her to speak. Bragging too much about oneself is a strict no-no during dates.

Once the date is over, you must promise to call back. It is polite to call once or twice after the date whether you want to see that girl again or not. At all points of time you should remember to be genuine and not lead someone on.

It is not right to bombard the other person with calls and texts as you may come across to be desperate. Some simple rules help you go a long way by helping build a good first impression about you.

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