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10 Things To Make Sure That Your Date Is Compatible With You

Ten things to make sure that your date is compatible with you:

If you’re going on a date, please make sure that you strike the right conversation which is not only friendly but also allows you to understand your date better. To know whether he or she is compatible to you or not, is a critical test you need to clear before you get into a serious relationship:

1. Talk about a range of topics:
This will give you a fair idea of what the person is like. You may discover that you both share similar interests but different lifestyles. You may find out that you both like the same kind of movies but come from different economic backgrounds. To understand these intricate nuances is critical to avoid pitfalls later.

2. Understand family background:
Contrary to what people think, family backgrounds are crucial in deciding compatibility between two of you. The differences in the upbringing, values and attitudes, may be so big that there may be no compatibility between both of you.

3. Past Relationships:
Knowing each other’s past relationships will help you become more compatible as you will become comfortable with each other. It will also establish honesty and trust in the relationship – a solid foundation for years to come.

4. Bring up issues close to your heart:
If you strongly believe for or against something, you must bring it up and discuss it very early in the relationship. Clashing ideologies in strong headed people often causes lack of compatibility in a relationship.

5. Discuss lifestyles:
Style of spending, saving, partying, dealing with other family members, sense of freedom, independence and more – all these form the lifestyle of a person. If you share a lifestyle similar to your partner, the probability of a long term relationship is more.

6. Know your date’s likes and dislikes:
Talking about each other’s likes and dislikes can reveal a great deal about your personalities. Don’t limit this discussion to what likes and dislikes you have in your choice of perfume, chocolates or movies – take the conversation deeper. The more you know about each other, the more compatible you are likely to be as a couple.

7. Understand motives:
When two people come together for a date, they may have different reasons to do so. One may come just to flirt around, another may come to get over a serious relationship they previously had, and yet another one may come with the motive of getting into bed. Make sure you are on the same page with your date about the status of your relationship and what you expect from it in the future.

8. Cultural upbringing:
You may think this sounds very conservative but it will turn its ugly head up later on in the relationship, when it gets serious. Get to know about the cultural and religious inclinations of your date from very early on in the relationship. Later on, the smallest habits can prove to be an obstacle.

9. Routine habits:
From brushing teeth before having coffee, to throwing clothes for a wash, to keeping your room clean, routine habits can prove to be deal makers or breakers in a relationship. If you don’t want to be in a live-in arrangement with each other, at least spend more time camping or holidaying where you get to know the routine habits of the other person.

10. Having similar goals:
Having similar goals in life can boost compatibility of a couple to a great deal. If both are ambitious, adventurous or career-oriented, they will be spending more time supporting each other rather than having compatibility issues and end up fighting.

First dates usually go without a glitch because you don’t see much of the real person. It is only later in the relationship that problems start arising, most of which are compatibility related. No one can guarantee compatibility, but you can certainly take few steps to make sure that you are at least on the right path.

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