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How Do I Know If I’m Ready For Commitment?

Commitment refers to a promise of loyalty and a strong bond to a person. Commitment is surely important in a relationship. But that surely does not mean, that you should commit yourself to any and every relationship you get into.

The most important factor is, how much you really know them. You certainly cannot commit yourself to a person after one date even it was one of the best you have ever had. You need to spend lots and lots of time to be sure about them. This calls for more dates. The reason being, unless you know them well enough it would be extremely foolish and naive to dedicate yourself to another person. The second thing is, what you exactly feel for them. Take some time off and think if what you have for them really is love or just a passing phase of infatuation. Relationships are sensitive and many get hurt in the bargain. Hence, it is always better to be sure of something you are stepping into. Again if you are not over your past, you most certainly cannot have a good present and probably will have no possible future with them. Hence if you have some issues like you are still not over your ex or have been dealing in something that can be harmful to your relationship like alcohol or drugs, then get this sorted out first before you get someone else into your life to deal with them.

Make sure that this is some thing you really want to do. Once you are committed to a person, it means to have to wave goodbye to the dating world. You cannot be in a relationship and practice infidelity side-by-side. Hence, in case you are not ready as yet to stick only to one person, then don’t commit yourself right now. However if you feel that you don’t need anybody else into your life but them and you are absolutely sure about it, then probably you are ready for commitment.

Commitment must be based on trust and it must not be just a formality. You don’t have to be committed to someone only to make them happy. If you do this, ultimately no one would end up being happy. Neither you, nor them.

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