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We bring to you articles, ideas and advice on matters of the heart. The topics include love, romance, dating, relationships, marriage, break-ups, articles for men and for women. These articles will help become a great success in love. Why don’t you choose a topic from below and read the articles in the same.

10 Mistakes Women Make In a Relationship

It is important to understand that men are different from women and their individuality is precious. Though women do have a tendency to think that they are perfect, unknowing they tend to make some mistakes that might result in breaking the relationship. Here are ten mistakes that most women make in relationships with the most [...]

10 Mistakes Men Make With Women

Do you always find the pair of four inch heals running away from you? Have you been wondering what goes wrong each time? Here is the answer to all your dating woes. This is a list of the ten most common mistakes that men are prone to make with woman.
1. Choosing A Woman Based On [...]

10 Mistakes Men Make In a Relationship

Are you tired of wondering what went wrong in your last relationship? Here are some areas where men are most prone to make mistakes in a relationship.
1. Trying To Get Touchy Too Soon
This is a big no-no! Getting physically intimate with your partner should be gradual and over a period of time. If it is [...]

Will Your Relationship Last?

Trust, Love and Commitment are the three main building blocks of relationships. It’s one thing to be in love and a completely different thing to be able to make that relationship last long. Run through the checkpoints below to find out how much you really love your partner and if your relationship will stand the [...]

What To Think About Before Getting Into A Relationship?

A relationship is one of the most important aspects in an individual’s life as it affects the life of the person sometimes directly and indirectly at other times. Almost every individual has in mind how they would want their life partner to be and try and wait till that special person doesn’t come in their [...]

Ways To Get Your Spouse To Forgive You For Cheating

Cheating most often destroys a marriage. There are few people who can go back to pre-cheating ways after cheating is caught. The foundation of marriage is trust. Once the sacred trust is broken, it is difficult to mend the relationship. Are there no ways to get forgiveness? Agreed that your spouse must be feeling shattered. [...]

Tips To Avoid Getting Dumped

Fear of getting dumped is a constant worry of a relationship. You try to do your best to be together and happy but still there are times when that big question arises in your partner’s mind. Is this relation working? Are you seeing those signs in your partner which say loud and clear that its [...]

Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?

A relationship is two separate individuals coming together and becoming one entity as a result of mutual love and affection. Problems are a part and parcel of every relationship on this earth. No relationship has ever been perfect with the couples not facing their share of problems in life. However, many times couples feel that [...]

How To Plan An Exciting First Date For Him?

You have managed to ask him out for a date and you want to make it the most unforgettable day of his life. However, you want to do something that you would both enjoy and have pleasant memories of it when it gets over. Girls are far ahead of guys in terms of romance and [...]

How To Know If A Guy Is Interested In You?

How to know whether a guy wants a relationship with you? This is one question that haunts almost every girl world over at least once in her life span. You had a wonderful time on a date but interpreting the signals can be very difficult at times. Every individual is different and judging each person [...]

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