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10 Mistakes Men Make In a Relationship

Are you tired of wondering what went wrong in your last relationship? Here are some areas where men are most prone to make mistakes in a relationship.

1. Trying To Get Touchy Too Soon
This is a big no-no! Getting physically intimate with your partner should be gradual and over a period of time. If it is too fast, you may just come across to be desperate. Try to get to know her better over a couple of dates before moving a step further. It is also important to understand her body language. If she wants to get close to you, she will drop you signals herself. Till then, try not to get impatient.

2. Disrespecting Women
Respect is the keyword of any relationship. Respect refers to talking to her with respect and showing in your gestures that you think highly of her. Small gestures like listening to her, advising her, pampering her or maybe just holding the door for her are signs of respect. Women may get attracted to bad boys but, at the end of the day, when it comes to settling down, they will always choose a gentleman.

3. Trying To Control Her Life
No woman wants to be told what to do all the time. You need to let her take her own decisions and understand that she’s not a toddler. Give her advice only when she asks for it. There is no excuse for dominating and overpowering your mate. A man should never feel that his partner stands below him or is inferior in any way. It is very important to respect her and her decisions.

4. Giving Her The Remote Control Of Your Life
Granted, you should not dominate your partner. However, that does not mean you let her take total charge of your life. Letting her take control of your life is not a way of showing how much you love her or how much importance she has in your life. Individuality is the key essence of a healthy relationship. Right from the very beginning, make it clear that you like to do your things your way. This would send a clear message across on what kind of a person you. Don’t let her rule your life and interfere with each and every decision you take.

5. Not Being Ambitious
Every woman looks for someone with whom she can feel secure in every aspect. A woman would want her man to be sound and financially stable in his life so that he can support and take care of her. Therefore, you need to show your partner that you are capable of looking after her by being ambitious and working hard to achieve your goals. Even if you are not always successful, you should try. This is one trait women find irresistible in men.

6. Fear Of Commitment
Women already know that most men are scared of commitment. However, after some time into a relationship, they will expect the two of you to settle down. Why would a woman waste precious years of her life in a relationship that has no future? Hence, slowly as time passes commitment is necessary in a relationship and if a man persist being commitment phobic, the woman will eventually move on and find a partner with whom she can settle down. If you feel that you have a genuine reason for not settling down together, you need to open up and tell her than keeping it in yourself. This would, at the very least, not hurt her feelings or make her doubt the relationship

7. Choosing Someone Or Something Else Before Your Partner
A relationship binds two people so intricately that they eventually are one. In such a scenario, if you give something or someone else more preference than your partner, negative emotions can be evoked. This includes family, friends or even something you like to do. It is important that you have your space and also make time for your family and friends. However, it is also important to never place these things or people before your relationship. Placing others before your partner will lead to insecurity which would slowly kill your relationship.

8. Taking Your Relationship For Granted
This is one of the most common mistakes that men make in relationships. No matter how old your relationship may be, never take your partner for granted. Always put in some effort to make things special for your partners. You must remember that no matter how well your partner balances the relationship, she is also human with desires of her own. Plan surprises, get her flowers and gifts once in a while and keep reminding her of how much you love her. This would give you both the strength to keep on going as a couple in the ups and downs of life.

9. Getting Insecure About Everything
Trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Without trust any relationship will find it very hard to survive. You need to learn to trust her and cannot go about getting insecure about everything she does or every person she meets. Just remember, the reason she is with you is because she is interested in you. If your relationship is meant to be, it will. If it is not, no matter how much you stop her from talking to somebody or going somewhere, it will just not help.

10. Flaunting Your Money All The Time
If she is with you because of reasons other than the money, she will hate this. Women hate men who show-off how much money they have all the time. They like simple and down-to-earth men with whom they can feel comfortable hanging around. So relax a little or she will think you are out just to buy her love.

If you have finally managed to meet the girl of your dreams, don’t let a silly mistake ruin a good and healthy relationship. If you feel that while analyzing your relationship, you just found a mistake that you unknowingly might have made, try and apologize to have her back. Remember that she was with you as she loved you and your mistake might just be hurting her.

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