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Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?

A relationship is two separate individuals coming together and becoming one entity as a result of mutual love and affection. Problems are a part and parcel of every relationship on this earth. No relationship has ever been perfect with the couples not facing their share of problems in life. However, many times couples feel that the circumstances have lead their relationship to be at crossroads where there are only two available options- splitting up and moving on in life or staying behind to work things out and revive the love again.

Some relationships are beyond repair and the best solution for which is to separate and start life afresh. However, if there is even a single speck of hope visible for it to work, it should not be left to die. Though, the road to revive it is very difficult and requires tremendous amount of patience and courage from both the individuals, the end result of the journey is very satisfying as you end up falling back in love with the one person who you had chosen to set out with on the journey of life.

No two relationships are the same and thus, their problems would be different too. Problems that are observed very commonly among couples are infidelity, financial crisis, level of responsibility, spying, chores, in-laws and work.  There may be different types or different levels of intensity of the problem, but the way to tackle them are the same. The only requirement would be the focus and dedication of both individuals, who want their relationship to be like when they had just fallen in love with each other.

The very first step is to come to a conclusion about those factors that are spoiling your relationship. These areas have to be identified for one very simple reason being that they can be worked over a period of time. Analyzing a relationship is a very important step. It is basically accepting the tough fact that your relation does have problems existing, which if not corrected can do tremendous harm. These problem areas have to be identified with not just a single person’s point of view but taking into consideration both the individuals.

After identifying these problem areas, the core issues have to be targeted. For instance, if infidelity is the issue that has to be addressed, then it is not infidelity that is the core issue. The issue must be a lack of attention, unfulfilled desires, financial burden or any other such problem which is actually the target. If we address a problem without addressing the core issue itself, it would do no good and might even increase the number of problems on the other hand.

Communication is an essential part of the whole process. The couple has to sit together and discuss the core issue openly without any blame game or arguments. Honesty is very important because as long as you are not open and truthful to one another, there would be no trust and situations would just go on deteriorating. You must not seek to please one another but say the truth without complaining or arguing with each other. Communication is a basic sharing of feelings which is very important in a couple. If this basic part goes missing, the entire process becomes useless.

The best part of the entire process is working out a strategy plan to help overcome your problems. This is the part where the couple works together as a team to achieve a common goal, something that is very important to both of them. After all the planning and formulating, the couple has to eventually put everything out in action. The effort cannot stop after a while and has to keep going on.

The ultimate motive is to get love back and thus, it is not too difficult and neither is it a very tedious job. Small contributions from both ends make a relationship go a long way and stay healthy too. Being loved is a basic need of every individual and making an effort to fulfill it would not only make your partner happy but prove to be a very satisfying experience for yourself too.

Though a relationship can be saved with a little effort, the choice to save it or not rests with the individuals. Some relationships should not be let gone but there are some instances where a relationship is best ended. If a relationship gets abusive and violent, there is never going to be any scope for improvement and the victim of such abuse should let go. Under any circumstance, if one person becomes hostile and reluctant to continue, they should not be persuaded or forced to continue as persuasion and force can never bring love.

A relationship should never be continued for a motive or for the reason that we fear the unexpected and are so used to the person that the very thought separation runs a chill down our spine. The only reason for being in a relationship with someone should be love and only such kind of a relationship stands the test of time and is an example for others to see

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