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Advice For Men

Women are not like men. Many men forget that, when they enter into a romantic relationship. Women look at things differently and their choices are different. Men miss small patterns of behavior many times that can make them a big success with women. In this section, we talk about what men need to know about relationships with women to succeed and what are the common pitfalls that have to be avoided to get the woman of your dreams.

10 Mistakes Guys Make With Girls

Although most men are well meaning in their relationships, they may have some habits that can completely tick women off. Read through the list below to save yourself of making the same blunders:
1. Being very possessive:
If you think you will be impressing your partner by showing off how possessive you are of her, you are [...]

10 Ways To Tell A Girl That You Love Her

1. Tell her those three golden words:
When a guy tells his sweetheart just how much he loves her, it makes her feel very special. Girls are die-hard romantics. Though many of them deny it, they are mesmerized by someone who keeps reminding her that she is the most special girl in the world for him [...]

10 Ways to Show That You Care For Your Girlfriend

Doesn’t matter if the two of you have been dating for two months or two years, you always need to remind your girlfriend how much you care about her. It strengthens your relationship and the bond you both share. With a little effort on your part, she will feel like a princess straight out of [...]

10 Ways To Make A Girl Feel Special

There must be more than a hundred ways to make a girl feel special. Want to know the top ten? Search no more. Read the following list on the best ways you can woo your girl and put her on cloud nine:
1. Be romantic in public:
One thing your girl will absolutely love from you is [...]

10 Ways To Know If A Girl Likes You

Reading a girl’s mind is almost an impossible feat. However, to tell if a girl is interested in you is something that is possible with effort and a good power of observation. Not every girl is outright and confident enough to come up and tell you that she likes you. If a girl likes you, [...]

10 Ways To Impress A Girl

Trying to impress a girl is not easy. Girls are unpredictable. It is difficult to predict what could change their mind about you. You also have to be careful in your approach as girls can smell a desperate guy from miles away. A little carelessness from your side and you will witness the three inch [...]

10 Ways To Find Out If Your Girl Is Cheating

Being cheated in a relationship is one of the most painful experiences in a person’s life. However, the situation that troubles a man more is, when he is unsure whether his better half is faithful or not. There is always a fear of being cheated and on the other side, a feeling of guilt for [...]

10 Tips for Guys For First Date

The first date is usually a time when both the guy and the girl are nervous. Though it may be something that you are looking forward to, it may also seem as a little  scary. However, certain small things can ensure that the first date is a pleasant experience and you have a possibility of [...]

10 Things Girls Want Guys To Know

Girls are always hoping that guys will understand them some day, but that day, of course, never seems to come! But there are some top tens on the girls’ wish lists that guys just have to know of:
1. Do not call girls ‘drama queens’. Do understand that girls and guys have different ways of reacting. [...]

How Do I Know If She Is The One

The dating world is a game. Not every girl out there is Miss Perfect. So how do you separate the good ones from the bad ones? This is a major task that lies ahead of every bachelor stepping into the mysterious world of dating. You have been seeing this girl for a while now. You [...]

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