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How Do I Know If She Is The One

The dating world is a game. Not every girl out there is Miss Perfect. So how do you separate the good ones from the bad ones? This is a major task that lies ahead of every bachelor stepping into the mysterious world of dating. You have been seeing this girl for a while now. You are absolutely in love with her. How do you make sure that she is the one?

Love is important, so make sure what you feel for her is not just a passing phase of infatuation. On the other end, make sure she feels the same way about you. You may find it corny, but girls go out of their way and do little cheesy things for their boyfriends to express their love. So when a girl takes trouble to make something really special for you and you can actually see her efforts, she really loves you. Secondly, she will treat you with respect. She will talk highly about you to others and never degrade you in public. She will keep things that happen between the two of you, personal. She will also share things with you that she does not share with others. She will proudly introduce you to her family and friends. Most of all, she will bring out the best in you. No matter what you do, she will believe in you and motivate you to achieve your dreams. You will also sense a feeling of really great chemistry between the two of you. When you are around her, you won’t have to work hard to have a great time.

Girls don’t come in with a tag that they are Miss Perfect for you. However if you get that little feeling from inside that just doesn’t go away and everything that she does points in the direction that she is the one, then probably she is. Choosing the wrong girl, can result in a major heartbreak and a waste of many potential years of your life. Hence make sure you think more with your head than your heart alone.

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