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10 Things Girls Want Guys To Know

Girls are always hoping that guys will understand them some day, but that day, of course, never seems to come! But there are some top tens on the girls’ wish lists that guys just have to know of:

1. Do not call girls ‘drama queens’. Do understand that girls and guys have different ways of reacting. Since we respect yours, you’ve gotta respect ours.

2. Please do make attempts to gel with our group of girly girlfriends even if you don’t particularly like them or share any interests with them. They’ve been with us since high school, all the ups and downs and like it or not, you have to take that as a full package.

3. We have our early morning ugliness just like everyone else. Don’t expect that we will be looking as pretty as a candy roll when you see us just getting out of bed.

4. Keep giving us gifts. We don’t expect you to burn holes in your pockets but small little things like flowers and chocolate boxes keep us going. And it’s still a tried and tested remedy for making up after fights.

5. Talk, talk, talk! You might mentally shut yourselves out and not really hear us when we are ranting and raving about the latest pair of Jimmy Choos or how that bitch at work was flirting away with the boss, just nod your head and acknowledge us. Sometimes, we just need an outlet.

6. Girls don’t always keep secrets deliberately from the point of view of hiding something. A lot of things are very personal to us that we may not want to share (even with you!). We never claimed to be an open book in any case. Don’t misinterpret that as being secretive.

7. Compliment us once in a while even if we’re not exactly looking stunning. More than makeup or an expensive dress, it is your compliment that will boost our confidence and give us a smile.

8 Jealousy at some level means that you do care. We don’t want you to jump the gun and become overtly possessive, but do give us those green eyes of yours if you catch us glancing at some random guy on the street. It actually makes us feel warm, letting us know that you still do care.

9 Do not forget our birthdays! That’s the least you can really do. And there really is NO excuse of forgetting birthdays in this era with the Facebooks and the Twitters of the world. We really don’t expect you to be obsessed about our first kiss anniversaries, but a birthday would definitely suffice.

10. Call us for sweet nothings. You don’t have to call only when there’s some work or asking where we are or when we are going to get back home. Calling to tell us “I miss you” will work wonders.

For a creature of mystery that a woman is, we expect guys to understand at least these basics if nothing else. And if you’re successful in understanding these top ten, then more of this is on your way…

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