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10 Mistakes Guys Make With Girls

Although most men are well meaning in their relationships, they may have some habits that can completely tick women off. Read through the list below to save yourself of making the same blunders:

1. Being very possessive:
If you think you will be impressing your partner by showing off how possessive you are of her, you are wrong. Women do enjoy a certain amount of possessiveness but just in the right amounts. Cross the line and they will see you as a jerk.

2. Seeing your mother in your partner:
Men who have been spoilt by their mother’s love and care often make the mistake of expecting to see a mirror image of their mother in their partner. You must understand that your partner has her own personality and would not like to behave in a way that you would want her to. And she may not also have the same personality traits of your mother with whom you have grown up with.

3. Interpreting advice as criticism:
It is a well established fact that women give free flowing advice. You should listen to the important parts and chuck away the trashy bits! Be light with their nagging and advice. It is simply a sign that they care for you. If you start taking their advice seriously and pick up fights, it will turn nasty unnecessarily.

4. Keep some mystery:
It’s good to know everything about each other, but it’s an unwritten rule that women prefer mystery in their man’s personality. Surprise her with a personality trait of yours that she has never known before or display a talent that she is unaware of. Don’t lay out all your cards in the open from the very beginning.

5. Not taking initiative:
Women love men who take charge. Although most forward thinking women will deny this, in the bottom of their hearts, they too love men who make decisions and take initiatives, be it money, family or love. Don’t act sloppy in front of your girl and allow her to make all the decisions. If you show that you’re spineless, she will start getting turned off.

6. Looking for her approval all the time:
It’s a good thing to check with your partner before you go ahead with a major decision in your life, but some men get into the habit of asking about everything. This will not only annoy your girl but she will also see this as your weakness.

7. Trying to make up with gifts:
Don’t confuse women’s love for bags, shoes, flowers and chocolates as something with which you can make up after a fight. If it’s a small fight, a small token may work to cheer your partner up, but many men make the mistake of thinking that this will work every time, which is wrong.

8. Flirting:
This is a very delicate issue. It depends on the girl as to how she perceives her man flirting. Some women are okay with it, but others are pretty conservative. Even if your girl doesn’t mind healthy flirting, don’t go overboard with it and lose her trust.

9. Bragging:
There is a very fine difference between subtly showing off your abilities and talent to your partner in front of her friends and bragging. If you cross the line, you will come across as a crass person who is like an empty vessel that makes too much noise.

10. Lack of opinion:
Women find the lack of opinion in men very irritating. In a gathering with your partner and some friends, if you come across as a person having no substantial opinion about the topic under discussion, it will be a huge disappointment for your lady love. Please keep abreast of what is happening around you.

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