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Will a Long Distant Relationship Work For You?

Before deciding on whether your long distant relationship will work or not, there are some things that you should know about. Long distance relationships are difficult, but like everything else, they have both their pros and cons.


1. Value Every Moment Spent With Each Other

When you are miles away from each other, you tend to miss each other a lot. Due to this, every moment spent with one other is actually valued. It also makes you realize the importance of your partner in your life. This is an advantage that is not found in people who live with each other. Since, the time you get to spend with each other is limited; every date tends to be a memorable and special experience.

2. Space and Independence

Since it is long distance, you get all the space and independence that other couples don’t seem to get. You have time to spend with yourself. Take this as an opportunity for the generation of a new hobby. You also get more time to concentrate on your ambitions and goals in life.

3. Improve Your Bonding With others

Many times, when in a relationship, couples find it hard to find time for their families and friends. Long distance relationships give you a lot of time to spend with both your families and friends. You don’t need to constantly juggle your time between your partner and the rest of the world.

4. The Distance Brings you Closer

If the bond between a couple is strong, the distance can actually work wonders for the relationship. When you meet every day, you tend to take each other for granted. But, when it is long distance, it will make you realize the other person’s importance in your life.


1. Loss/ absence of Closeness and Intimacy

Long distance relationships can take the level of closeness and intimacy away from couples. You have to be prepared that, you may not even get to hug your partner for months or sometimes years.

2. Less Economical

Long distance relationships can be really expensive. Traveling often to visit your loved one may cause you to shell out loads of money. Then again, long distance calls are expensive. Finance is one aspect that you will have to constantly monitor.

3. Inability to be there for each other all the time

Most of the time, you cannot expect your partner to be there physically present for you. Sometimes, days may pass when you really need them by your side but the situation will not permit.

4. Difficult to keep the romance alive

At some point in time, continuous phone calls and emails also can get tedious. You may long for the feeling of having your loved one right next to you. Talking on the phone or by some other source of communication cannot be half the fun as talking in person.

5. Involves Lot of Risk

Communicating through sources of media can be very misguiding and can lead to lots of misunderstanding among partners. Absence of physical presence can also lead to difficulty in understanding. Hence, there is always a lot of pressure involved. Even a slight misunderstanding can lead to spoiling the bond that the two of you share.

6. Difficult to Trust

When you are in a long distant relationship it is so easy to lie. All you can do is believe every word they are saying. It may be easy to trust in the beginning. However, as time passes it will get more difficult. Even certain negligence on the part of your partner can lead to you doubting them and vice-versa.

7. Inability To Understand Each Other Better

Talking over the phone or even video conferencing may not always be as effective as meeting personally. It can, comparatively take a lot of time to understand each other’s habits and lifestyle.

8. Chances Of Getting Used To Living Without Each Other

You may miss a person so much for months, but then as time passes you may actually get used to the feeling and may stop missing them. It is also possible that you learn to enjoy your life without them.

So as you can see, the cons that long distant relationships offer are more than the pros. Long distant relationships can be very challenging. But then again, it depends from person to person. If you think you can pass all these hurdles and are willing to do anything to make the relationship work, then you should go ahead. If you think the person you are in love with is worth all the pain, it’s worth a try. Best of luck!

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