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How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Are long distant relationships easy? Well, sadly the answer is no. However, you need to really love the person and willing to do what it takes to make your relationship work. If the bond between the couple is really strong, even distance will bring the two of you closer but serious attempts must be made to make your relationship grow deeper.

1. Always Be Vocal About Our Views

Don’t expect your partner to understand everything on their own. If there is something that has been bothering you, it is your duty to put all your egos aside and speak out. Unless you do so your relationship cannot work.

2. Trust Your Partner

Without trust, no matter how much the two of you love each other, your relationship will not last. There may be a lot of times when you may suffer from doubtfulness and suspicion. However, you have to learn to trust. Don’t be naive and believe everything that your partner tells you but at the same time if you keep on doubting everything, it will only lead to frustration. In such a case you have to learn to trust your instinct.

3. Be Worthy Of Trust

As much as it is important to expect your partner to trust you, it is also important to be worthy of that trust. Just remember, once trust is lost it is very hard to win it back. Infidelity is never justified. No matter what happens, don’t ever cheat on your partner.

4. Speak About Your Day To Day Activities

Lack of communication can act as a silent killer for your relationship. Update your partner about the things happening in your life. Tell them about your day and listen to them about theirs. Make use of media like emails, phone calls, text messages, instant messenger programs and video conferencing. Make them feel a part of your life, even if they are miles away.

5. Make Things Special For Them

The distance may be vast between the two of you. However, you can still make things special for them. Even the smallest kind of a gesture will be appreciated. Send them love letters, poems or small gifts to keep the romance in your relationship alive. Tell them often how much you love them and miss them. Do not ever take your relationship for granted.

6. Make Full Use Of The Advantages

Along with the disadvantages, there are also a number of advantages linked to long distance relationships. Advantages are more freedom, extra personal time and more time to spend with friends and family. Take this opportunity to meet your friends and family. Some amount of space will make the two miss each other. The distance may just bring the two of you closer.

7. Speak About Your Future Together

If you and your partner are working hard to make it work, you will expect it to go somewhere. Hence, it is important to plan about what you expect in future. Planning in advance will wipe off any trace of doubt and insecurity existing in a relationship. If possible, make plans to live in the same city in future.

8. Make It A Point To Be Physically Present Whenever Possible

Relationships cannot last on phone calls alone. Though you are in a long distance relationship, physical presence is important at least once in a while. Surprise your sweetheart by visiting them once in a while. It is always advised to have a date to look forward to in order to help you to get past your hard times.

Long distance relationships are hard. You may experience anger, insecurity, depression and frustration at times. However, with proper understanding and keeping communication open, you can get over this huddle. If you and your partner are able to do all of the above, it can make your relationship stronger than other couples who live in the same house.

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