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How To Know If Your Partner Is Lying?

Trust is the most integral part of any relationship, as without trust it is very difficult for a relationship to survive.Trust is something that is built over a period of time and once broken, it is very difficult to regain. For trust to build between two individuals, it is very important for both the partners to open up and be  honest to one another. Lies have absolutely no place in any relationship. Some people do believe that small lies are a necessity in the present times. Some lies are told to protect someone’s feelings getting hurt but lies always cause cracks to develop in a relationship. Small lies are the building blocks for bigger lies and these lies ultimately have a devastating effect on a relationship. Most of the times, it is very difficult to understand when someone is lying, but certain actions or changes in the body language denote that the person is lying to you. These are no foolproof methods as non-verbal gestures are very individualistic and vary from person to person and there is a possibility of misjudging and misreading a person’s actions too. Here are some actions that would help you to determine when your partner is lying to you.


Anxiety tops the list of signs that might show that your partner is lying. People, when lying, tend to get overly anxious. You can sense the tension building up in them when they have to answer a question. Anxiety may be clearly evident on the face of the person, unless masking their emotions is a skill they possess.

Avoiding Eye Contact

If your partner looks everywhere but in your eye while answering your questions, you can be pretty sure that you are being lied to. A person cannot maintain eye contact while lying as a result of the body’s defence mechanism. However, experts tend to disagree that eye-contact is a genuine sign for a person to be lying.


If your partner is lying, you can expect a steady flow of explanations, even when not needed. They think they are trying to justify their point beyond any doubt but the result of the action is exactly the opposite. Lots of explanations to a single question and caution and hesitation before answering a question would mean that your partner is keeping something from you.


When people tend to hide something, they get confused with the various explanations they give to cover the topic. So if you find your partner giving different  answers to the same question every time you try prodding deeper, be sure to expect lies. When people lie about a topic, they would also talk too much and try avoiding questions related to it.

Other Signs

There are some other signs that would make you think  that your partner is lying. These signs are almost always pretty evident if paid attention to.

• A behavior different from the usual.

• A tendency to fidget with things.

• An unusual stillness or calmness in behavior.

• A defensive body language.

• A cautious choice of words.

• A constant denial of accusations.

• A tendency of sweating when confronted.

• A contradiction of body language and facial expressions.

• A sense of rigidity in arm movements while talking.

• A sense of smugness.

When someone is being lied to, the feeling is devastating, especially when the person lying is the most important person of one’s life. When your partner is lying to you, it shouldn’t be something you ignore and keep within you; rather it should be something that you confront them with. Confrontation eases the tension in a relationship. However, a confrontation should be done only when you have all the information with you rather than just plainly accusing your partner.

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