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Why Not Consider Being Single?

Why do most of us want to have a relationship? When I think I find that advantages of singles are so may that singles may be happier than those in relationships. Why not consider being a single for life? Here are some advantages.

One set of relatives-

I am putting this right on top because too many relatives make living tough. You already have your extended family. All kinds of characters are included in that. Now you wish to add many more from your partner’s side? Imagine what will happen?

No nagging partner-

Who likes nagging? I do not think that any of us wants to be told that we have not kept our clothes in the cupboard? A single person can have his clothes handy by keeping them wherever they like and no questions asked.

Own money-

No body to ask you about what you did with your pay. you can spend a week’s earning in Las Vegas and return happily without any worry. Think of a person losing that kind of money and returning home to face the partner. Do whatever you want with your money. Give it to charities, go to clubs, lend to friends and go on holidays. No planning with your partner is needed. Life must be real joy for singles.

Meet anybody without any guilt-

You like someone, meet him or her. No guilt about cheating. No moral issues to think about. You can do whatever you want as far as making friends is concerned. Play around and no question will be asked. The guilt can be overwhelming for a person in relationship. They go to different forums on the Internet and ask about what they should do. With confusing and conflicting advice from everyone, life becomes unlivable. Being single, you are a free bird. Enjoy. Does this article make you think about advantages of remaining single?

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