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How To Carry On After A Bad Break- Up?

How to carry on after a break-up? Some people get totally destroyed after a bad break-up and fell that all is lost. They need counseling and sometimes the counseling also does not help. What is the way for such people who suffered in the relationship? Let us find out.

1. Take focus away-

If you feel betrayed after a bad break-up and if you feel that you got a raw deal in the relationship, the first action should be to take your focus away from past. Refocus yourself to your career. Make some very exciting plans and meet some intelligent and successful people. Begin talking to them about what you should do to enhance your potential. Find out what can be done best by you and how will you reach the top. Write down all these goals and focus on them. This will not take your thoughts away from your relationship in totality but will surely reduce the pain.

2. Look at the down trodden-

Begin meeting some very sick people. Visit children’s hospital and talk to children suffering from cancer. Their pain will make you realize the gravity of your own pain and help you get a better perspective about life. Find out some old age homes. Talk to the seniors, their life and listen to what they want to say. Help them fell joy by giving them attention.

3. Work for some charity-

Begin working for any charity of your choice. For example you may work for charities working for visually challenged. Get engrossed in fund collection. Find out new methods to increase the reach of your charity. This kind of work makes us feel good. It also increases our self esteem.

Distraction is the best method. But it should be in the positive direction of realizing one’s potential. Helping others and reaching higher in career will satisfy your latent desires.

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