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How To Renew When Relationship Gets Broken?

Relationships are very mysterious. A couple that found much joy with each other starts hating each other. Why does that happen? Did they not know about the negatives of their partner? Were they not sure about life together? These questions become meaningless after a relationship gets broken. What remains meaningful is how to rebuild the broken relationship. Believe me that can be done in many cases where all the hope is lost. Before you decide to break -up forever try this.

Express gratitude-

Go back to your earlier days together. Now recollect how many times you used to thank your partner for whatever they did. You took every care to keep your partner happy by expressing gratitude about the smallest work. What happens now? Do you do that? In most of the cases we stop expressing gratitude. We begin taking our partner for granted. We believe that small things done by them need no appreciation. Rather our focus is more on what they do wrong. Begin with expressing gratitude again if you are looking forward to rebuild your relationship. Start saying Thanks for all that your partner does for you. You may say that there is nothing to thank for, but still try and find a reason to say -Thank you. That will bring immediate change and you will notice it.

Discuss problems-

The next step is to talk with your partners about his/her problems. Become a genuine friend and find out what is troubling them. That will make your partner feel that you are concerned. When you listen to their problems, you may find lot of truth in that. Try to do what ever you can to solve the problems and never let your partner feel lonely.

Say- I love you

The third step is to begin saying I Love You. Say that in as many ways as possible. Let your partner feel the love again. This expression of love will bring the spark of affection back in your life. Even if you do not love your partner, speak. That will make a shift in your relationship. Try these tips and see if you can rebuild your relationship.

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