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What Kind Of Relationships Survive?

Do you not ask yourself about the relationships that survive? Do you not wonder when you find a couple in love with each other after years of being together? Are you interested in a relationship that may break down or one that survives? What should you look for? Let us discuss.

Attraction- I had once asked a question on a forum. It was- what kind of partner you like? What are the qualities that you are for? I got many answers. Some wanted intelligent partner. Some wanted smart partner. Some wanted a partner with sense of humor. Some were looking for maturity. Everybody had different ideas about the partner. I need a partner who will respect me, said one. I need a partner who I can respect said another. I am looking for a successful career person. Some body who is self-condfident, said third and so on. The reply that attracted me most was- I am looking for a partner who is strongly attracted towards me.

That was the answer to the whole theory of partnership. You may have the most intelligent, smart, good looking, successful, leader and a person with all the qualities as your partner. But what if your partner is not attracted towards you? Will your relationship survive-certainly not.

If you are strongly attracted towards your partner and if your partner is equally attracted towards you, you will survive in the relationship for a much longer time. If both of you happen to share common interests and respect each other for your qualities, nothing better than that in my opinion. No partnership can survive if the partners do not get attracted to each other. The foundation of a relationship is attraction. Nothing else works. Call it initial infatuation, call it love, and call it romance. Give any word to this attraction, but you must have that to begin with. Compromise here is a sure recipe of failure.

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