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Does Rejection Scare You?

Many of us want to love. We want to go forward with love and have a partner for life. But we are afraid. Are you one of them? Sometimes when we are afraid with the right choice we land up with somebody we never wanted. I remember a man who was in deep love with a woman. The woman was also in love with this man but was shy. The man thought of telling her many times about his love but was afraid of being rejected. This fear stopped him whenever he attempted. He could never tell her that he loved her. Slowly they drifted apart. For some years this man did not know what to do, because the memory of his love and his own cowardice did not allow him to develop a new relationship. One day a woman who loved him asked him to be his partner and he agreed though he never loved her. The consequences were disastrous.

Why do people fear rejection so much? Are you one of them? Do you feel that it is better not to ask rather than hearing a no. Do you think that it is OK? Will you be happier that way? Does that not show you that you are little weak in handling such situations? If yes, why not overcome this fear and go forward. Let us think about the consequences. Nothing worse will happen other than hearing a no. But you can at least ask why and find out the reason of no. Probably the reason has nothing to do with you and your loved is saying no for some different reason altogether. it is always better to fight every fear that dwells in our mind and conquer them. Win over the fear of rejection and you will find everlasting love forever.

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