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Follow These Golden Rules To Renew Your Relationship

When a relationship begins, everything looks rosy. The communication is great. Verbal and non-verbal communication between the partners is superlative. The partners plan about the future together and love everything that the other person does. They find their partner smart and good-looking. Everything looks very good and no body can imagine that the relationship may suffer. But that happens in most of the cases. Why does this happen and what to do to renew the relationship? Follow these golden rules to revive your relationship.

Express love-

Begin saying I Love You as often as possible. Let your partner feel the love again. This expression of love will bring the spark of affection back in your life.


You may hate your partner more than loving them. But find out what you love about them. Do you like the way they dress? Do you like the way they drive? Do you like the way they talk? Do you like the way they communicate during tough times? Find out the smallest thing you like about your partner and appreciate them about that. This has a multiplier effect. When we begin disliking a person, our mind focuses on everything that is wrong. When we like a person, we ignore all wrongs and notice only the good points. This will help you ignite the spark in your dead relationship.


Stop complaining and begin thanking your partner. No one likes to hear complains every day. They also have their complains. Stop complaining and start saying Thanks for all that your partner does for you. You may say that there is nothing to thank for, but still try and find a reason to say -Thank you. That will bring immediate change and you will notice it.

Discuss Their Problems-

Talk with your partners about his/her problems. Become a genuine friend and find out what is troubling them. That will make your partner feel that you are concerned. When you listen to their problems, you may find lot of truth in that. Try to do what ever you can to solve the problems and never let your partner feel lonely.

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