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The Importance Of Commitment In A Relationship

How important is commitment in relationships? Well of course it differs from person to person. For some commitment phobics being committed in a relationship would mean the sabotage of personal freedom, lack of independence and space, bidding goodbye to friends and the exciting world of dating. However, it is only the ones who are in for serious relationships who understand the real importance of commitment in a relationship.

Commitment is a silent promise to be there forever and through all odds. It is the lifeline of your relationship. The stronger the commitment, the stronger the relationship. It is a stage when all the Is in the relationship are replaced with we’s. It is the stage when all the traces of doubt and distrust are wiped out. It is the time when you are acknowledged as a part of your partner’s life. It also is a way to show how much you care about them. The most common reasons why people are commitment phobic are inability to stay faithful, bad past experiences, not wanting to settle down, they don’t love the person enough, etc. Relationships without commitment is like food without salt. It satisfies your hunger, but is tasteless. A relationship without commitment seems okay for a while. But, at some point in time it feels pointless and loses the zest and excitement that it once had. If you don’t have a future with the person you are seeing, you definitely don’t have a present as well. The feeling of having someone whom you could call your own, fuss over or take for granted to be with you forever is truly priceless. In the absence of this, life can indeed get very lonely.

It does not mean that you get committed to almost anyone. Commitment is a matter of time. Trust takes time to build. All relationships are not always meant to be. However, if you always keep the door of your heart closed you will never be able to experience the joys of falling in love. Take your time to get to know a person. But when you finally do, don’t be afraid to fall in love. Don’t sit back and adjudicate every second person who comes your way. Give them a chance. Love is a beautiful feeling and unless you promise to give it your all, it is not possible to truly experience it.

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