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Is Your Insecurity Ruining Your Relationship

Insecurity refers to a state where you begin to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It is a sense when you begin to feel unloved and uncared for, no matter what anybody does for you. Insecurity can cause serious trouble in a relationship.

Insecurity works like silent poison in a relationship and rots it from the core. Like the mighty ocean, insecurity works viciously and can take down even the strongest of relationships. An insecure person finds it hard to trust anyone. Often they tend to get over-possessive of their partners. They do this because they are constantly scared of losing them. However, by doing this they often push them further away. The green eyed monster is the next enemy of an insecure person. They are often faced with jealousy. Even the slightest trace of a connection between someone else and their partner, may make them feel like they are being cheated on. Insecure people often keep criticizing themselves and lowering themselves in front of their partner. How can you possibly expect someone to love you, when you cannot love yourself? Such behavior will only force your partner start having second thoughts about their decision of being with you. Insecure people also often resort to emotional blackmail to get their way with their partners. People often hide the fact that are insecure by putting forward a very strong exterior. But, deep down inside they are weak as a child. However what they don’t seem to realize it that, hiding insecurity won’t do any good. Instead of hiding it, it is better to work on it.

The truth is that, insecurity is not something to feel ashamed about. Almost more than half of the people in the world have gone through this phase at some point of time in life. What is important is that you care enough to work on it. If you don’t it will just leave your partner feeling frustrated. If you genuinely value your relationship and are with the right person, don’t let some stupid insecurity take a toll on your relationship.

Are you an insecure girlfriend?
Do you feel insecurity in your relationship? Think that your boyfriend will cheat on you? Take this love quiz to know your answer.

Are you an insecure boyfriend?

Do you feel insecurity in your relationship? Think that your girlfriend will cheat on you? Well, then this love quiz is just for you.