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How To Know If Your Partner Wants Out?

When two individuals become intimately close to one another other, love blossoms and a relationship is born. A relationship is one of the most important aspects in an individual’s life. However, only some relationships stand the test of time whereas others crumble and fall down. The present day statistics of couples splitting up are twice the figure of what they were in the past decade. The words ‘separation’ or ‘break-up’ would be the most dreaded word for all couples. Parting ways becomes inevitable at times with either one person being dumped by the other or both persons parting ways mutually. Many a times, couples identify the cracks and crevices in their relationship and try to mend it with joint effort. This technique does work at times, but when it does not, saying adieu to the relationship is the only possible way for them to move ahead in life. Breaking-up is never a spontaneous decision; on the contrary, it is something well thought about in advance with a person knowing how he/she would handle the situation. Thus, if you observe some of these signs in your partner, you can be quite sure that your partner is moving away from you and wants out of the relationship.

The first and the most important sign is that your partner would start moving away from you slowly and steadily. You will find that your partner would slowly start prioritizing everything over your relationship. Work and friends would gain more importance than being with you and spending time together. The number of phone calls would be twice as less as it used to be in the initial phases of your relationship. Accidental or chance meetings that used to catch you by surprise would slowly vanish. All in all, you would see in your partner a visible lack of interest for the relationship and a drastic cut down on the efforts that he/she used to take to make every moment of your relationship a better one.

In case your relationship is heading for splitsville, you would also find your partner being overly busy, at times to the point of suspicion. You would find your partner getting extremely engrossed in work or studies and neglecting you constantly. Another factor would be if all your conversation comprises of is what happened at work and other work related topics. A person gets totally engrossed in something all of a sudden when there is something unpleasant that is disturbing him/her. If your partner’s work life is stressed, you can expect certain efforts on their part, like comforting you and making you feel wanted amidst everything. In such a case you would have your partner reassuring you from time to time. On the other hand, if your partner wants to end the relationship, you would be completely neglected and kept out of his/her life.

When you notice that your partner is taking continuous efforts to incorporate numerous changes in his/her life, you can take the signal that your partner is trying to adapt to someone else’s likes and is all ready to walk out of your relationship. Couples know each other in and out and are used to one another. Every couple adapts to one another’s likes and dislikes unconsciously. When your partner wants to move out of your life, you will observe many physical and emotional aspects changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. These changes are visible and would catch you by surprise. However, once this is noticed, it is always better to confront your partner as this sort change would generally involve another person.

Constant fighting is another sign that your partner cannot stand you anymore and would rather see your back than have you around anymore. With love disappearing each passing day, you would notice that the reasons to fight become increase drastically. Your partner would have a tendency to criticize you constantly over the most trivial things. Even things that he/she loved initially, at times, end up being reasons for a fight to start. In such a case, your partner would, most certainly, have an image of somebody else who you are being compared with. Many a times, certain people tend to get violent at the time of a fight. In such cases, it is better to walk off on your own than waiting for the other person to leave.

Relationship means the world to most of us and it is always difficult to let go of someone special. Hurt and pain always follow the realization that a relationship, in which so much of our love, time and effort was involved, would not last. However, it is better to let go of a sour relationship than cling on and hurt oneself each and every day.

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