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Relationship- Do You Work On It?

To have a relationship that works, one has to work. Most of you take a relationship for granted once you reach a certain level of intimacy. You assume that you are regular partners. You forget to work on the rough edges and that dooms the relationship to your surprise.

There may be many differences between both of you. Your value systems may be different. Your political beliefs may be different. Your ideas about the future may be different. She/he might be looking forward to a child-free marriage whereas you might be planning for a home full of children. Your financial planning may be different. One may believe in saving while other overspends. Will the joint account work?

Sometimes, the woman may be earning more than the man and the man may have to work on the male ego to happily go along. Same with women. She may like to boss around but her partner may be more dominating. She will have to work on both.

Every relationship is meeting of two individuals who have to love each other, accept each other and learn to live happily with each other. That requires work.

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