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Do You Love Your Partner?

Many of you begin your relationship with love. At least you think that. Whether that was lust or infatuation can be found only after few years. The question is do you love your partner today? How is your relationship with your partner today? If you do not love your partner, can you do any thing to make the relationship better or will you continue living together as a compromise and separate one day? Lets discuss.

Are you happy to get up in the morning and see your partner as the person? Do you enjoy having long conversations? Do you talk freely or reserve many topics as not to be talked with? Do you laugh together? How about dining? Do you love dining together? Do you share the work issues? How about finances? Do you get into a situation that makes both of you argue about the expenses or you manage finances without any tussle?

The final test? Do you still have passion for each other? If yes, most other things do not matter and if no, nothing else matters much. Love arouses passion and that passion helps you fight all the odds together and live happily. If you have lost your passion, make it alive again and live with love.

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