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Relationships- Avoid These Mistakes

Relationships are difficult to sustain. Very few relationships sustain for long with both partners totally happy. Most people carry through a relationship without any joy. What can be done to keep a relationship strong and joyous? Avoid these common mistakes.

Romance is not the end of all. You cannot paper over vital differences by sending a flower a day. Sometimes, a partner begs for love. That also does not work. Be romantic, but discuss everything that may be going wrong with your partner.

Many of you are in a hurry to develop a relationship. That fails most of the times. Unless you give time to make it mature on its own, it will not work. Like wine, let it mature. it will taste better.

Asking and not giving is another bane. While expecting so many things from your partner, you should try and find out what you are giving in return. No one-sided relationship works.

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