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Learning From Others Can Improve Your Relationship

Relationships have many faces. Sometimes it looks like a perfect round with no sharp edges. Other times it is a shape full of edges that hurt. Every relationship has ups and downs. But some relationships have more downs and practically no ups. Such relationship can take a big mental toll. They are also very bad for career. How to avoid having lows and have more ups in a relationship? Let us learn from others.

They are always arguing-
You may know some couples that are famous for arguments. Those couples never agree on anything. None of the partners will agree with others choice or opinions. They argue endlessly about smallest thing and exhaust themselves. Such couples do not refrain from arguments even in presence of others. What can we learn from such couples?

Not for each other-
This is another kind of relationship. It is known that partners in this relationship will not be there for each other when they are needed most. They are always doing their own thing and have no consideration for needs of their partner. What can we learn from such couples?

Blame game experts-
This couple is expert in blame game. If anything goes wrong, both the partners are at each other’s throat with endless blames. They go back to ages and recount all the other did wrong. They remember all the mistakes and are ready to read the list at the drop of the hat. What can we learn from such couples?

Abusive couple-
This couple enjoys abusing each other. They put their partner down in front of others. Emotional abuse and intellectual abuse is part of their everyday life. Some times the abuse is one sided and sometimes both the partners enjoy abusing each other. What can we learn from such couples?

We can improve our relationship by learning from such people. They teach us about what must never be done.

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