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Are You Talking?

A relationship has many factors. Love, communication, affection, care for each other, helping each other, getting motivated because of the relationship and making oneself happy. At the end, every relationship seeks fulfillment. If we feel fulfilled with our partner, we are blessed in our relationship. Otherwise it becomes very difficult to live together. How to do that?

Communication is the key to every need of the relationship. Let us talk of love. Love needs to be communicated. That may be verbal or non verbal. But if there is love, it cannot be and should not be hidden. The other person must know that you love them. Otherwise they will keep wondering about whether they are being loved or not. To make other person feel good by communicating about - love, affection, care and everything else that they give to you is most important for a fulfilling relationship. Do you do that?

If your partner cares for you and is always there for you, do you make them feel the value of their actions? Some of us take these actions for granted. But that should not be done. Resentment develops slowly and one day it may pour out like a volcano. Never let resentment develop. Express your gratitude at every possible juncture.

Our love motivates us to achieve more. Sometimes people have done unbelievable things because of love. Does your partner know the kind of motivation they provide to you? They must be told. Every achievement must be shared and gratitude must be expressed. Take this simple sentence -darling; you motivate me to work harder and smarter. You are a great love in my life and I wish to give you all the happiness I can. Such a sentence can change the relationship totally and put it in another higher orbit. Why not talk about all you get?

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