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How Do You Give Feedback To Your Partner?

Take this scenario. Your partner is trying something new with great enthusiasm. He/she expects to do something new and exciting. It may be a new way to paste wallpaper or making a new dish. The project does not come up to your expectation. What is your reaction? How do you give your feedback?

Feedback must be constructive. Think of a new artist who has just exhibited his/her first paintings. If critics -instead of appreciating the positive aspects of his work and giving him the impetus he needs- try to belittle him with negative feedback, find minute flaws, will only kill his interest in his work. If the same negative feedback is given in a positive way or constructive way, will help him/her avoid the same mistakes in the future. Who knows, the next Picasso might come up.

Responding positively to someone’s work generates good feeling and amity. It raises the levels of understanding. It helps in proper communication between the two partners. Negative vibes only serve in polarizing the two. Negative feedback can create a feeling of discontent in the mind of the person. He/She may develop hostility towards their partner. Instead of the two working together to develop the work better, they may only be busy figuring out ways to outwit each other. Here the primary objective is lost and forgotten.

In a partnership it is expected that we be with our partner. If any thing falls from their hand, we can react in two ways. One- we may laugh it out, and second, we may say something about the general messy way of working. The second attitude will not help your relationship. Always remember that both of you are together in mistakes of each other. You must positively guide your partner so that they feel good with you. That is the essence of a successful and happy partnership.

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